Got Jesus? (Don't Read if you aren't Christian; You WILL get offended)

If you aren't and you read it and get offended, not my problem. I ain't trying to convert you.

Chapter 1

Got Jesus?

I've been going through a sort of rough patch with my relationship with Jesus. You know, like they do with the flowers, "He loves me, He loves me not." Well, that's what I was kinda doing.

Everytime something would go wrong in my life, I'd basically throw my hands up in the air and be like, "Well, God hates me." And I wouldn't believe in Him until something good that I'd prayed for happened again.

Recently I realized that this can't go on. I can't start and stop believing like a sputtering motor.

I know He's doing this for a reason, because everything God does has a purpose. So, when I thought God just obviously hated me, he didn't. He was probably trying to teach me something.

So today, I picked myself up off the ground, and stopped giving myself a pity party, and wailing about how my life sucks. Because it may suck, and I won't deny that it does, but I have Jesus, so who cares if my life sucks. I have a purpose. Earlier, actually only a few hours earlier I was upset, and sad, and pissed at Jesus. He was there for me, but I felt like he was being see-through.

I realized that he does everything for a reason, because God has a plan for my life. So that's why my new theme is Got Jesus? I'm still upset and sad, but rather then just thinking the word is going to end, I have someone to lean on. I got Jesus.

What about you? Got Jesus?


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