Naive (A Love Story)

Brenna Chase- straight brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, singer
Tyler Reynolds- brown hair, green eyes,athletic, football player, rich
Sadie Dray- blond hair, blue eyes, girly, cheerleader

Chapter 1


"Brenna! What were you thinking!?" Tyler shouts.

"I'm so sorry! It was an accident! I swear!" I say.

"You don't need to apologize. I know that you didn't mean to, but how did this happen?" Tyler questions me.

"I was on my way to voice lessons, and I noticed that there was a black cat crossing in front of me. I freaked out and attacked the cat, and only then did I remember that you are the owner of a black cat."

Tyler rolls his eyes. "Brenna you are the most superstitious person that I know."

My cellphone alarm interrupts him. "It's 11:11. I have to make a wish." I explain.

"Brenna, I know. We have been best friends since second grade." Tyler laughs. I roll my eyes and hurry to to make my wish before it's too late. 'I wish that Tyler would like me as more than a friend.' I think to myself.

"What did you wish for?" Tyler asks.

"I'm not telling, Ty." I say. "If I tell, then it won't come true."

"Brenna, you sound like a four year old!" Tyler says.

Everyone always tells me I act so young for a sixteen year old, with my weird superstitions and how I always seem to stare off into space, in La-la Land. I can't hep myself. La-la Land is way better than reality. In La-la Land, Tyler and I are together.

"Can we go, now?" I say. "I already said that I was sorry that I killed your cat!"

He laughs. "Sure! Do you want to go and get something to eat?"

"Yeah! I'm starving! All of that cat killing really made me hungry!" I say.

"Where do you want to go?" Tyler asks.

I pause. "How about we order a pizza and go to my place?"

Tyler nods. "We can order two and have a contest!"

I laugh. Tyler loves our pizza eating contests. We order two large pizza's and see who finishes first. I normally give up about halfway through, but I am determined to win this time. We both get in Tyler's car and drive to my house. Tyler pulls out his phone and dials the local pizza place. He has it committed to memory.

"Hello. Is this Perri's Pizza Palace? Yeah, I'd like to order two large pizzas."

When we get to my house, I walk up to my room and brush through my hair. I am struggling with a large knot in the back of my hair when Tyler walks in.

"Let me help." He grabs the hair brush and carefully combs through the tangle. When he's finished. He sets the brush down and sits on the little couch in my room. I sit next to him. "Brenna, will you be my fake girlfriend?"

"Why?" I asked.

"I need to make Sadie jealous." He says. Sadie is his ex. I hate her and her wavy blond locks. I'm stuck with my muddy brown horse tail hair, and she has effortless golden waves. She also has Tyler wrapped around her slender finger, but she still chooses to play with him.

I sigh. "Fine."

"Thank you so much, Brenna!" He gives me a hug. The doorbell rings. "Pizza's here!"

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