How Quibblo Really Began.

I've Decided To Try And Enter One Of Quibblo's Quiz Contests, I Just Hope You Guys Enjoy! To The People Who Are entering, Good Luck!

Chapter 1

The Begining.

Quibblo Began With A Click,
A Download.
An Installation.
But We Already Knew That .
Lets Get Behind The REAL Story..

A Few Years Ago, A Cult Of Imaginative Writers Banded Together, Demanding A Website To Express Themselves On. A Young Man Heard The Plea, And Quickly Began Creating The Website That Would Save Mankind.


The Cult Thanked God When They Heard Of The Website, And They Quickly Headed To Their Basecamp. They Had Planned To Do A Mass Suicide Bombing If They Didn't Recieve The Miricale That Would Be Quibblo.

They Began Writing Immidiately, And To This Day They Remain Here.
Anonymous, And They Have The Name 'Quibblo'.

And Now You Know The Tale Of Quibblo.


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