The Wanderlust

The Wanderlust

Yay! Another LOTR fanfiction by Pip and I!
This time, our characters are from Earth and get transported to Middle Earth. ENJOY!

Two girls from another world will come,
Friendship will be tested and blood and tears be shed,
What lies in the written future may be changed for some,
Fates will be challenged and menacing lies shall be said.
They shall be the ones to bring the peace,
To drive away darkness,
But that is not the very least,
They must overcome fearfulness,
Or perish.

Chapter 1


"Hope, does your mom even know you come up here?" I hissed to my best friend. She turned around on the topmost stair and looked down at me, her blue eyes shone out with excitement.
"If she knew, I wouldn't be leading up here! Now keep quiet, you're going to love what's in the attic!" She whispered back. I hesitantly began climbing the stairs.
"Watch this step that's coming up, it's got an awfully loud creak when you step on it," Hope pointed to the step in front of me. I stepped over it and clambered some more before coming up beside my friend.
Hope grinned and opened the door leading to her mysterious attic. We stepped into the dim room and I was awestruck.
There were boxes piled to the ceiling, each one with a different label: glass, hats, records, books. Items littered the floor. Everything from a phonograph, to a coat stand.
There was a single window, which the sun weakly filtered through. I watched the particles of dust dance in the afternoon light.
"Come on!" Hope whispered. She was headed for the back of the room. I followed behind her.
When we stopped, Hope gave me a grin and tore a sheet away from a standing mirror.
"A mirror," I said, confused. This is what she wanted to show me?
"Yes, Audie, a mirror," my friend said, "Now, if you took the time to look inside of it, you'd understand why I brought you here."
I rolled my eyes and looked at my reflection. I saw myself, all perfectly normal, my short figure, my red hair in a French braid, and my left eye blue and my right brown. But the background was different.
No longer was I in the mysterious attic. I was in a grassy area. Everything there was green. There were hills scattered all over the place, with round doors and the doornobs in the center of them. There was a large lake spread out a distance away and tents appeared to be put up by barefooted folk.
I drew back from the mirror. "Hope, what is that place? What is it doing in your mother's mirror?"
"It's the Shire, duh," she said, rolling her eyes.
"The Shire?" I was extremely confused now.
"Don't you remember watching the Lord of the Rings?" Hope asked me.
"Oh yeah!" I realized. I didn't read much literature, I was more of a jock than a.. well I don't know the right word for that kind of stuff. "I wonder what it's doing in your mom's mirror though?"
"I don't know and I doesn't really matter now, does it?" Hope answered. She stroked the mirror, but instead of her hand just touching it, it went through the glass. Little ripples came from where her wrist was showing. Hope tugged away, but it appeared as if her hand was stuck there. "I can't pull it out!" She cried out.
"Here!" I said and grabbed her by the waist. We tugged and tugged until Hope flew back, the mirror crashing down on top of her.
"HOPE!" I screamed. The mirror was probably crushed to a thousand pieces and Hope underneath all that mess. I slowly lifted up the mirror and saw no blood, no shattered pieces, and no Hope. I quickly looked into the mirror and saw my standing up from the ground and brush herself off.
"HOPE!" I yelled, but she didn't hear me. After a minute of thinking, I decided that I had to go there. I had to pull her back in.
I slowly pushed my hand through the glass, feeling a cool sensation throughout my body. I looked into the mirror and saw Hope smiling, she must have seen my hand. I motioned her to take it so we could both be back in the attic safe and sound, but she did something horrifying. She took my hand a tugged me through.

I landed with a thump on the soft earth. I looked to where the mirror was and gasped. There was no mirror.
We were stuck here.

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