Bloody Bullet- Group Story

In the Golden Age of Piracy, no one can trust anyone, unless your suicidal. The Navy, however, has gotten stronger, threataning to wipe the Pirates out. When a ruthless commander sends his fleets out to 'rid' the seas of those 'filthy pirates', the pirates from around the world must join together. The thing is, they all hate eachother.

This is an original group story, and in no way whatsoever can it be copied in any form without the authors express written permission.


Chapter 1

Bane- Captain-ish

by: 68687
Forward by Captain Bane.

Most people say I am a disgrace to piracy. Sometimes I agree with them. Hell, I can't even remember my last name! But, that's beside the point.

I don't remember much about my childhood, or my early life really. But there is one thing I do remember. And that one thing will never leave me, because it's right on my face. Take a guess. What is it?

That bloody, god damned, stupid scar. At least I killed the arse who gave it to me. That was something I prided myself on.

Although his son has been trying to track me down for a few years, swearing to avenge his father. So far, he's had no luck. Bugger.

If you are stupid enough to not know my name already, I am Captain, thank you very much, Bane. And this Captain Bane is the Captain of the glorious and notorious ship, The Arrow. Although I want to change it to The Weasel, due to my strange obsession with weasels.

Now, on a certain gloomy morning (I blame my Tequila and whoever created hangovers), my story starts. Unless you want to read something other than a story about a glorious, dashing, handsome, smart, amazing, brave, young Captain, then I suggest you read something else. But you're gonna miss a hell of an Adventure.

I love you (No, I actually do not. Just joking, SUCKER!),

Captain Bane Smith (Going by Smith 'till I remember my last name. Although I'll keep it as Smith if it's something like Rumplestilskin or Dashabuggle, considering the hilarious last names that the British have (No offence, I love England))


A groan escaped my lips. Just why did I even think that it was a smart idea to mix Tequila, Scotch and Rum all together? Oh wait- I'm a bit of an idiot. Whatever.

I sat up from the floor, my bandana obscuring my right eyes vision which rendered me practically blind, due to my stupid scar on my left eye. The ship swayed, and a bottle of Tequila rolled against my leg.

Ignoring my pounding-feels-like-my-head-has-a-knife-in-it-headache, I took a swig from the very little Tequila that was left. Ah, life was good.

Standing up and still clutching my Tequila, I decided to try to tackle this headache. The cracked mirror against the wall (I blame the First Mate for throwing that Rum bottle at me when we were dead drunk) showed my very messy self.

My reddish-brown hair was sticking up all over the place, and my green bandana hung lower than it was supposed to. As usual, I was shirtless, and I couldn't help but grin at my very (skinny) strong chest. Still, I was a drunken mess.

I fixed my bandana, and then grabbed my captain’s coat, to make me look Captain-ish. Screw the hair.

"Mornin' cap'n," my first mate, Jimmy said.

"Hola," I responded. "Jimmy, make a note to never let me mix different assortments of alcohol together, ever again."

Jimmy just rolled his eyes. By now, he and the rest of the crew were used to my 'odd manner'.

"So, same course as yesterday? Or are you still sane enough to go to Cuba again. Remember last time, Bane?" Jimmy asked. I grinned.

"Yep, still sane enough, Jimmy," I laughed. Once again, Jimmy rolled his eyes.

Me and Jimmy had been best friends for over five years, and in those five years, it was Jimmy who saved my sorry arse more times than I can count. He was a great friend.

"But, do you remember the natives? They tried to impale you and give you off as a sacrifice to the Shark Gods." Jimmy continued.

"Who cares? Th' thing is, we're alive! That's all I care about."

"Okay, Cap'n. You can become a sacrifice and shark fod-" Jimmy stopped, and a huge grin appeared on his face. "Ooooh you wanna see Metzli again! Admit it, Bane, you like her."

Metzli was... Well, one thing I could tell you, she was an amazing kisser and other things...

A blush crept up my cheeks. "Oh shut up, James. I do not!" Jimmy scowled. He hated his real name, James.

"Okay, you can believe that. But what'll happen if she gets preggers? Then you'll have little wee babes runnin' around the ship like it was a feckin’ playground," Jimmy teased. I glared at him.

"Asshole, you know I'm not like that!"

"Oh really? Tell me more about you an Anastasia?"

"Okay so maybe with her... But no one else!"

"Sure... Hey, how's Annabelle? Haven't seen her in a while. Didn't she get preggers?"

"She miscarried, now shuddup, James!" I knew he was teasing, but the whole... Well Annabelle and Anastasia are touchy subjects...

"Okay, okay, fine. Just teasin'." I turned away from him, and walked up to the helm. Since Jimmy was just going to tease me the entire way to Cuba, I think that it would be better to go someone else. I can visit Metzli later.

"We're changin’ course. We're headed to the Hispaniola." I had some 'buisness' to take care of. And this couldn't be ignored.

A/N: I hope it was good! In this chapter, it reveals that Bane is a bit of a Womanizer. Also, I wonder what this buisness is... Next up is AwesomeOK1! Arigato (excuse the horrible Japanese) for reading!

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