Gumi Megpoid x Reader ( Yuri)

Gumi Megpoid x Reader ( Yuri)

Basically its a reader x gumi story, contains yuri, (girl on girl) dont like? Dont READ! Enjoy. Rated M for mature audience for later chapters

Chapter 1

Popstar Crush

Its summer vacation. you are sitting on your couch, watching television, when the door bell rings. You groan because you are irritated that someone had interrupted your favorite program. You get up and mumble to yourself angrily. When you open the door you are shocked, to your surprise,your favorite singer and closest childhood friend was at the door. You blush lightly because you have Liked Gumi for some time now, and she doesn't know yet because you are too nervous to tell her. Since Gumi is usually so busy, you thought she was still on tour.

"Gumi? What are you doing here, I thought you were really busy, aren't you supposed to be on tour?" Gumi shrugged her shoulders,

"I dunno..." She rocked back and forth on her heels nervously, with a light blush. "I told my manager I wanted a vacation, and that I was going to see my family...." You are slightly taken aback, shocked that some one as busy as Gumi made time to visit you. Gumi was staring at her shoes blushing waiting for you to reply.

"So, Gumi, come on in, how long you plan on staying?" Gumi looks up quickly,

"Oh, uh, t-two weeks if that's fine with you, that is, sorry for such short notice..." Gumi blushed more

"I'm perfectly fine with that." You smiled at Gumi, who looked relieved. You lead her into your living room and you both sit on the couch and watch the rest of your favorite program. Gumi scootches closer to you, and you are unaware. Gumi blushes and stares at her hands that are resting on her lap. When the program finally ends she spoke up,

"Hey, [Your Name] can we talk?" You turn the television off with the remote, ourthen you turn your body to face her.

" Sure Gumi, what's going on?" You smile innocently, and Gumi blushes more. She begins fiddling with her hands.

"Uhm, [Your Name] , I uh, have a confession, ..." She blushes more and stops fiddling with her hands. She takes a deep breath," [Your Name] I, I think I love you..." Gumi is staring at you desperately.

"Gumi . . . I . . . I . . . Wh-when did you start feeling that way?" She hides her beet red face in her green hair,

"For about, two years,.." Your eyes widen as you start to blush, that's right around the time you started liking her.

"Gumi, I-I.." You blush taking her hands in yours, "Look at me please,.." you pleaded.She reluctantly looked at you ashamed. Your heart starts pounding as you look into her eyes. You gently pull Gumi closer to you and you gently kiss her. When you pull away, she looks shocked and confused at first. "Gumi, I have been in love with you for about that long also... I was afraid to tell you,.." You both smile blushing. "Gumi, would you go out with me maybe go on a date tomorrow?"

"Of course, [Your Name], I would love to go out with you, especially on a date." Gumi nuzzles her nose into your shoulder. You start blushing more and hold Gumi close.

"I love you, Gumi." She gets on your lap and snuggles you, using your chest as a pillow. Shortly after you both fell asleep.

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