Stay With Me ~Cato's Point of View During Clove's Death~

Stay With Me ~Cato's Point of View During Clove's Death~

I got inspired to write this quick short story while I was looking at pictures on Tumblr that had to do with the Careers. Clato forever ♥

Chapter 1


I jerked my head up as I heard Clove's voice shriek my name. Immediately fear and pain shot up through every part of my body and the next thing I know I'm tumbling through the trees and running as fast as I can to the damn Cornucopia.

I make it into the clearing and I see two figures speeding back into the places they came from. One lean figure making for the woods for her precious Lover Boy, and another large mass of darkness hurtling into the wheat fields.

My eyes frantically search the grass for her. My eyes widen as I see her limp body on the ground. I rush to her side immediately. I kneel on one knee and grasp for her hand.

The life drains out of me. One look at her and I know it's too late. Her eyes are almost a slate gray and her head has a large dent on her temple.

I see a large rock a few feet away from us. It was Thresh. But I move aside the thought and focus my attention on my dying love.

My lips tremble as I say, "Clove.."

Clove meets her eyes to mine and speaks a barely audible whisper. "Cato.. Just leave me here. You know I'm gonna die here..."

"No. Clove, don't speak like that. You're not gonna die on me now. Not when we're so close to winning. Come on Clove, you can do this!"

Clove doesn't move. Her chest is barely moving. "Face it Cato. It's better you moved on right now than to mourn me forever." She still has that stubborn voice of hers that I always loved.

"No. I'm not going to move on and I'm not going to mourn you because you're going. To. Live. Okay?" I say, my vision getting blurry from the tears forcing to come out of my eyes.

She only gives a small sad smile.

"Clove!" I begin to panic. "No! You can't die on me! Not after all we've been through. Please... Stay with me. You have to stay with me. Don't leave me. I'll be nothing without you. I'm begging you."

Clove shuts her eyes.

I begin to sob and my voice cracks. "Please, Clove... stay with me... Don't leave me like this."

I'm still holding her hand with both of my hands. I close my eyes and water spills on her slack hand. I kiss her hand. I open my eyes again.

"Please, Clove..."

She gives out a sigh.

"Please..." I sob as her chest stops the slow rising and falling. "Don't leave me." I whisper.

I bite my lip. I taste my own blood but I don't care. I'm nothing without Clove. Nothing. I'll just be the Cato I was before I met Clove.

A cannon goes off.

I shut my eyes, wishing I could die right here beside my love.


I'm broken.

I've lost everything.

I stay in the same position I'm in until my body aches, but I don't dare move from my spot. The Capitol is probably getting impatient with me, but I don't care.

But eventually I do get up. I kiss Clove's forehead. I grab one of Clove's knives: the one she kept talking to me about. She said she was going to kill that fire girl with. Thresh will be a better kill.

I stick the knife in my pocket, stand up, and take one last look at Clove. She looks so small like that, so at peace with the world. I give a sad smile. My Clove..

I head in the direction of the wheat fields. Where Thresh was running back to. I must kill him. To avenge my girl with the knives.


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