It's Gone By. (Original Story)

The Year Is 1832, And Milly Carters Is A Young Girl Of 15.
She's A Peasant, Living On The Mucky Streets, Hoping Somebody Will Toss Her A Coin.
Then She's Kidnapped By Mysterious Kane Dawson, A Highway Man, And Everything Changes....

Chapter 1


"Please Sir, Spare Some Change!" I Hear From The Others. I Would NEVER Lower Myself To Beg The People Who Hog The Money To Themselves In The First Place To Spare A Little Of It! I Stand Up, My Brown, Ragged Dress And Apron Flowing As I Begin The Small Walk To The Forest. When I Arrived, I Slowed My Stride To A Slow, Quiet Stroll. As I Walked Along, A Man On A Horse Galloped Up To Me, Aiming A Gun At My Head.
"Stand And Delivier! Your Money Or Your Life!" He Yells, And I Gasp.
"P-Please Sir! I-I Have Nothing!" I Plea, But He Just Grins Darkly.
"Well I'm Getting Something, Either Way." He Hisses, And I Start To Cry As He Places His Finger On The Trigger.
"P-Please! Y-You Can't!" I Cry, And He Chuckles.
"Get Onto The Horse." He Demands, And Shaking I Get Onto The Horse.
And With A "YAH!" The Horse Is Off, And I'm Taken Away With A Murderous Stranger.

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