The Quibblo

You want to know how it all began? How this website started? Why it's called Quibblo? Then I will weave this tale from beginning to end, and if you wish, you may listen and understand.

Well, it really began with Mar's "Occupy Earth" campaign, begun in Martian Year 6852. Soon many became worried and created a council to protect the weak Earthlings. I am a member of the Council as was my mother before me, and I will now tell you what it has to do with Quibblo.

Chapter 1

Ordinary Bob

Once upon a time, a young man walked out of his home. His name was Bob. Now, Bob was an ordinary fellow- he was not rich, nor was he powerful, nor was he particularly handsome. He had no special job, and he most certainly had no special connections. But on that particular day, ordinary Bob would be ordinary no more.

As Bob left his ordinary home on that ordinary day, and walked out to his ordinary car on his ordinary street, just as he was opening the ordinary door to that ordinary car, he saw an… unordinary old man walking across the street. Stopping his ordinary routine, he stared at the old man as he slowly inched his way across the street. A few minutes passed, and just as Bob was about to get into the car and continue on with his day, a truck rumbled far down the street. He looked back and forth between the truck and the old man, who was still in the middle of the street. The truck kept coming. The old man kept inching towards the sidewalk.

The truck approached the old man and honked its horn loudly, warning him to hurry up. But the old man would never make it in time. He was going to be crushed! Suddenly, Bob forgot his ordinary routine, and rushed out, pushing the old man out of the way just as the truck whizzed past both of them, the driver glaring at the pair all the while.

“Thanks a lot, young man,” the old man muttered. Bob smiled and helped the old man up.

“Oh, no, really, it was no problem-” Bob began, but the look the old man gave him made him realize that it hadn’t been a genuine thanks.

“I was almost across the street, and you just decided to show up and shove me all the way back to this side!” the old man shouted angrily. Bob frowned. He had just saved this guy’s life, and this was the thanks he got?

“The truck was coming and it was about to crush you!” Bob protested. The old man looked at him sternly at first, but gradually his face softened and he sighed.

“Tell you what: you help me across the street and we can both be on our way.”

Bob nodded and took the old man’s arm. When they reached the sidewalk near Bob’s house, Bob began to walk away, but the old man stopped him.

“Young man, I believe I should thank you properly for what you did. The universe needs more men like you.” Bob nodded politely in acceptance of the compliment, vague though it was. “Tell me, how would you like to become the Emperor of the Solar System?”

Bob stared at the old man for a good few minutes. “M-me?” he finally croaked. “What are you talking about?”

The old man smiled. “You see, son, I am the Earth’s representative to the Solar System Council. Every so often, I meet with other members of the council- though I can assure you that picking the date is no easy feat. Recently, the Emperor of the Solar System passed away. He was from Venus. Now it is Earth’s turn to pick the next Emperor.”

Bob stared at the old man. “Are you insane?”

The old man looked Bob straight in the eye. “No, I’m not. Listen; along with the title of Emperor of the Solar System, you also get fabulous powers.”

Bob smiled. “Okay, I’m listening. So, if I agree to this, I become the supreme ruler of the universe?”

“Solar System,” the old man corrected. “But no. You see, each planet has its own government. Your position would be the equivalent of the Secretary General of the United Nations.”

Bob nodded. “I see. So… what’s the catch?”

The old man frowned and stroked his beard. “I wouldn’t say there is a ‘catch,’ but I would be remiss not to mention that tensions between the planets are tight. Most planets are angry with the Earthlings for not being aware of their existence.”

Bob nodded. “Alright… So, if I agree, I become Bob, Emperor of the Solar System?”

“No, you become the Quibblo.”

Bob looked at the old man and thought for a moment. “The Quibblo, huh?” He smiled. “What the heck, I’ll do it!”

The old man smiled. “Then we shall go to the council immediately!”

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