The Quibblo

You want to know how it all began? How this website started? Why it's called Quibblo? Then I will weave this tale from beginning to end, and if you wish, you may listen and understand.

Well, it really began with Mar's "Occupy Earth" campaign, begun in Martian Year 6852. Soon many became worried and created a council to protect the weak Earthlings. I am a member of the Council as was my mother before me, and I will now tell you what it has to do with Quibblo.

Chapter 2

The Quibblo

Bob sat in his large seat and looked around the table at the eight other old guys. The representatives from Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were all staring at him, as if expecting him to say something. Finally, the Martian representative stood up.

“You brought this man to become the Quibblo!? Look at him!” All eye were suddenly upon Bob, who scratched his head in confusion.

“What about me?” he inquired.

The Martian sternly pointed a finger at him. “You call yourself fit to be the Quibblo? You think you have the ability to help us evade the Plutonians’ attack that is coming!?”

Bob’s eyes shot up. “Attack!?” He looked at the old man. “You didn’t mention that… Plutonians were going to attack!”

“I apologize, Bob, but it was an extremely minor problem at the time,” the old man explained. “You see, the Plutonians regret their being kicked out of the Solar System Council simply because they are also the members of the Kuiper Belt Council. We have had known problems with the Kuiper Belt Council for hundreds of years, and so we saw no reason not to get rid of a treacherous planet.”

“But now they’re going to attack?” Bob questioned. The Jupitarian representative stood up.

“Bob, the Earthling believes you have what it takes to be the Quibblo. He is a very wise man. If he believes that you can take down this Plutonian threat, I will back you up the entire way. You have the Jupitarian support to become the Quibblo.” He sat back down.

Not to be outdone, the Venusian representative rose. “I personally believe,” she said, “that you could be a successful Quibblo. My mother does demand a worthy successor to her title. And though I would have hoped that there was an exception and that I could be her successor, with my daughter becoming the representative, I suppose this Earthling will have to do.” She sat down.

“Shall we put it to a vote then?” Bob suggested.

The old man smiled. “Yes, we shall. All in favor of this Earthling becoming the Quibblo, say ‘I’.”

It was silent for a brief moment. “I,” the Venusian representative said.

The “I” was soon echoed by the Jupitarian and the old man.

Bob bit his lip. It seemed that the majority was against him. Maybe he wasn’t going to be the Quibblo after all…

The old man cleared his throat. “Those who are opposed?”

It was silent as the remaining five deliberated. “I,” the Martian said, glaring at Bob.

Bob looked at the four. “I,” the representative of Saturn said. “Nothing against you, Earthling, but you don’t seem to have what it takes,” he soon added.

Bob looked at his feet. He heard someone rise to their feet. “I…,” the Uranusian representative said tentatively.

All eyes were upon the Mercurian. He looked at all of them. “I…,” he began. The Martian smiled, but then the Mercurian stood up. “I believe this man has what it takes.” The Martian’s face fell. “He seems to have all the qualities he needs. I hand my vote over to this man being the Quibblo.”

Bob smiled and realized that he had the majority! He was the Quibblo! Bob was now the Quibblo!

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