The Quibblo

You want to know how it all began? How this website started? Why it's called Quibblo? Then I will weave this tale from beginning to end, and if you wish, you may listen and understand.

Well, it really began with Mar's "Occupy Earth" campaign, begun in Martian Year 6852. Soon many became worried and created a council to protect the weak Earthlings. I am a member of the Council as was my mother before me, and I will now tell you what it has to do with Quibblo.

Chapter 3

The Plutonians

The Quibblo sat at the head of the table, holding his staff and staring around at the assembly. He had learned as much as he could about each of the planets and their government.

- A democracy known for their short terms in office
- Typically a male-dominated society
- Typically a close associate with most of the other planets
- The first planet to join Mars in the “Occupy Earth” campaign

- A female-dominated monarchy
- Only princesses or queens are permitted to be representatives to the Council
- There are currently five princesses to the current queen (the current representative as well)
- Beauty is the most highly valued quality
- Typically known for vanity

- Duh

- The planet which began the “Occupy Earth” campaign
- Known for a somewhat cool behavior towards “ignorant Earthlings”
- An autonomous government

- Nicknamed “the party planet”
- Known for a typically large population
- “Large” as in “everyone is big”
- Led by their Council representative, a tall man who just barely fits in the room
- Known to favor those who will benefit them
- A strong monarchy

- Inhabited largely on its rings
- Known for favoring the Venusians
- An oligarchy known for the few elite who are permitted to travel from planet to planet

- Bitter rivals to the Neptunians
- The subject of many jokes
- A free-for-all government which is easily criticized

- A firmly-established monarchy which is known for its ancient roots
- The second planet to join in on the “Occupy Earth” campaign, started by the Martians
- Known for its large quarries of precious rocks transported throughout all the planets

- The recently ejected member of the Solar System Council after its membership with the Kuiper Belt Council was discovered
- Plans to wage war on the Council

After gathering all the information, the Quibblo looked at the other Council members. He counted. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… someone was missing. He looked them all over and realized that it was none other than the Venusian Queen who was not present. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily in the instance to be further explained) she enter only a few moments later, without any good excuse but with some very distressing news.

“The Plutonians are on the move!” she shouted. “They’ve managed to slip past undetected, and have just started attacking Venus! No doubt they wish to make use of the transition to the new Quibblo!”

The room was silent, and the Quibblo leaned back and stroked his goatee. “Your majesty, go and defend your planet. I have an idea that just might help.”

The Venusian ran out the door and presumably was hurrying back to Venus, and the entire Council was turned to him.

“What’s your plan, sir?” The Uranian representative asked.

“Can we have a conference with the Plutonian leader? I believe we could settle a peace treaty for now…”

“With all due respect,” the Martian sneered, “there is no negotiating peace with these people. They only seek to destroy those who won’t agree with them!”

The Quibblo turned around to face him. “I know what we can do. If we can negotiate peace, that is the best path. However, if not, I know how we can confuse their communications during attempted attacks. I will put it to a vote. All in favor of negotiating peace?”

No one answered. The Martian’s lips curled into a smile. “Opposed?”

All hands but the Quibblo’s were up in the air. “Then it is decided,” the old man said. “We will not attempt to negotiate peace for fear that we will be attacked and forced into a decision we dare not disagree with. Now, sir Quibblo, what was your other idea?”

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