The Quibblo

You want to know how it all began? How this website started? Why it's called Quibblo? Then I will weave this tale from beginning to end, and if you wish, you may listen and understand.

Well, it really began with Mar's "Occupy Earth" campaign, begun in Martian Year 6852. Soon many became worried and created a council to protect the weak Earthlings. I am a member of the Council as was my mother before me, and I will now tell you what it has to do with Quibblo.

Chapter 6

The End of Our Tale

To this day the Plutonians have not returned to the Earth to wage war. There have, however, been numerous attempts to destroy the Quibblo’s defenses- one of the perhaps most momentous only being last week, when widespread discontent was seen as Quibblo went kablooey for a bit- but all have failed. Your Quibblo, dear Earthlings, has protected you without your knowledge for years. There are those among you who have even attempted to open your eyes to the non-Earthlings in your presence. Now you know the truth, and that is this:

There are aliens among you. They are not little green space men who want you to “take them to your leader.” They only want peace, and to protect you. The Quibblo has been in conference with many of them. The website you are on at this very moment is run by aliens.

But they are still Quibblonians, like you.

Cool stuff, right?

Well, you might as well give up on spreading the word. Who knows, we might start up the “Occupy Earth” campaign again, in which case we might have to wipe your memory of this story. But until then, hope you enjoy having this newfound knowledge no one else will ever believe!

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