Once Upon An Internet

My entry to Quibblo's Writing Contest... Read on!

Chapter 1

Here We Go!

Once upon a time, there was a man named John. John had a dream. John dreamed that he would become a secret agent spy for the FBI.

John did well in school, and caused little trouble. He managed to get through without a single detention, and was favored by many teachers. He was even Valedictorian.

John was sought out by the CIA directly after high-school and went to their version of college. As challenging as it was, he still went through it getting into no trouble, and maintaining straight A's. When it was finally time to graduate, the head of the college pulled him aside.

"Listen John, we are truly thrilled with your performance here. We have decided to give you a very special job. You are to infiltrate the complex world of the internet and to understand the people who live their lives through it. We would like for you to create a website that will engross teenagers and young adults. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to completely understand the people of the internet."

John was speechless. It was quite the job! There was so much to the internet, he knew he would be in for a challenge, but he knew he could do it.

"I accept. I'll call the website, Quibblo." John got straight to work and made the site.

To this day John is still researching, watching, and waiting, still trying to understand what is the dense world of the internet.

That's right John, we know your secret...

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