tournament entry

Chapter 1

The City Museum

by: kitkatsm
Odd....... I don't remember getting out of bed and getting ready for summer camp. I ran around waiting for my best friend to show up. She had to come; today was the day was the day we go to the St. Louis City Museum. I pulled my book out and sat in our corner of the gym. Remembering all the good and bad that had happened here with and without Maggie. Maggie walked up and plopped her book bag by mine completing the wall that stopped random rouge balls from hitting us.
Molly came up too, being soooooo annoying! She started bouncing a basket ball all over the place; it hit my head! Thankfully Maggie could get her to go away and we could bring out the binder and finish up making the introduction to our story then we got on the chocolate bus(the brown one) and were off.
We were in Deven's group and it was so much fun! First we went up to the art place, i made a dragon pinch bowl and Maggie painted. After that we saw the circus thing and took the slide down to the first floor and went into the cave. I brought a flashlight so we hopefully won't get lost, again. Maggie and i grabbed Genevieve and went into the caves taking the small stairway that we found on our first visit to the caves.
Of course even after all that planning we got lost. Finally after a lot of wandering we came up in the barrels. If you've never been to the city museum and don't know the layout then I'll tell you, there are small tunnels all over the bottom floor from those in the whale to the log, barrels, and regular rock tunnels. And it is very very very easy to get lost there.
We came up in the barrel and climbed into the large sticks flopping like living hammocks. Then we went around the long way to meet the rest of the group at the bottom.
Next we went outside where Maggie and i had been begging to go since we got in there. I led Maggie to the tower and even got her to go into the plane! Then i heard someone calling my name, my real name. I ran off to the water spout where i thought I heard my mom calling only to find darkness there. It felt like someone was shaking my shoulders.
Then i woke up, all the way, with my mom's final KATHERINE! She pulled my camp shirt out of the closet and grabbed my shorts.
"If you hurry up we can stop by McDonalds and grab breakfast on the way." My mom told me. I hurried up then and grabbed everything i would need;flashlight, string, scissors, tape, mp3 player, phone, and my books and binder. I rushed downstairs grabbed my lunchbox and plunked it down in the back seat taking up my place in the passenger seat.
"Hey Maggie!" I shouted across the gym from our corner," Ready to go to the city museum? I had the oddest dream last night."


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