Hetalia-More Then Meets the Eye

The plot is based off a CMV by one of my favorite cosplay groups AiAnime! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnLrdQJrRw4) I recommend watching it so you are not confused!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

Iceland's POV

“I will not say it.” I grumble, for the third time.

“Big brother...” Norway says again, only pissing me off more.

“I’m leaving.” I mutter, getting up to go. Norway starts to say something, but I shut the door in his face.

I walk out and start walking on my way. I wander through a forest, on my way to Russia’s house. I am just going to say thanks for helping me with my recent financial problems. The forest seems to change slightly; the trees seem taller and darker green; and also the clouds up above seem to be darker. For some reason it bugs me, but I put the thought aside.

Suddenly I hear a branch crack behind me. I turn to see what it was, but all I see are trees and a clear path. I turn back around and continue forward just as it starts to lightly snow. I pull my jacket onto my body, though it doesn’t provide much more heat. I come across a fork in the road, with four choices- and as always I start for the path on the far right. I hear something behind me again, and I look to see what it was. I don’t see anything so I turn back around and continue onto the path that goes to the left.

The path U-turns and I suddenly feel out of place. I continue, not stopping to second guess myself. The trees seem to shrink a bit, and lighten up; but sadly the snow doesn’t hold up. In fact the snow seems to be coming down faster, and I pick up my pace.

That is when some sort of thing jumps in front of me. I instinctively jump back, and it starts to limp towards me. It rises to it’s feet and I finally get a better look at it. A zombie?! I ask myself. I hear a sound to my right, and I beg that it isn’t another zombie.Wait, zombies?! What are zombies doing in the real world?

I come back to my senses just as the thi- zombie comes within a meter of me. I hear something jump out of the bushes and go straight towards the zombie. I look at it and realize it is someone I know very well- Finland. He attacks the zombie and it crumples to the ground immediately. He turns to me and I do a double take when I see what he looks like.

Finland is wearing a black leather jacket and shorts- this isn’t the Finland I know. I slowly walk over to him and noticed the cigarette in his mouth.

“Finland?” I asked, half hoping my guess was wrong.

“What?”He replied sternly. I quickly regain my composure, and follow him as he walks off. After seeing this new Finland, I wisely decided to wait to ask questions.

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