Hetalia-More Then Meets the Eye

The plot is based off a CMV by one of my favorite cosplay groups AiAnime! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnLrdQJrRw4) I recommend watching it so you are not confused!

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3

Iceland's & Wy's POV


“Finland, are you feeling alright?” I ask cautiously.

“Fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” He snaps.

“Oh nothing.” I say, heading for his door. I had followed him back to his house, the entire time he refused answering my questions about the zombies.

“Take this.” He says, handing me a knife. I take it and walk out without another word.

The clouds are still out, but it has luckily stopped snowing. As I keep walking I stare at the weapon Finland gave me. I still don’t get what is up with him. He normally doesn’t smoke, and he wouldn’t be caught dead in leather.

I hear a sound off to the right, and I instinctively go to grab the knife. Though I quickly put it away once I realize who it was.

“Oh- hello there Iceland.” Russia says.

“Hi Russia. I was actually on my way to your house.”

“Oh? For why?” He says, walking onto the trail.

“Just to say thank you.”

“Oh, that. No need to thank me.” He says with a grin on his face- this only makes me suspicious. I nod, and continue on my way.

As I continue forward I realize that I should warn Russia about the zombies. I turn to tell him, and see him climbing back pass the bush he emerged from.

“Wait, Russia.” I yell.

“Hum?” He says, turning around

“Yesterday I saw a zombie.” I say simply.

“What? Oh, da, I know about the zombies.” He smiles just as he had before and then he heads into the forest. I just continue on my way, hoping to not run into another creep.


“What is that?” I say, as a zombie like thing tries to attack Sealand and I. No, I was not on a play date with him.

“I’ll save you!” He says, a bit too excited. He runs up to the zombie and hits it on the head with his hat. The thing falls to the ground, and disappears in the tall grass. We were somewhere by England’s house, when England offered us some scones. Sealand had said he wanted to explore the grass. Now we’re outside, being attacked by zombies.

Sealand runs back over to me triumphantly. His face looked as though he was expecting something- what did he want? Just as he finally gets next to me the zombie rises above the grass. Wait, now there isn’t just one zombie, but instead three. Sealand suddenly seems less confident, and the smile is wiped off his face.

He turns and runs, completely forgetting about my well being.

“Wait! Sealand!” I yell at him, but he can’t hear me. I take a deep breath and charge at the zombies. I hit the first one as hard as I can, with just my paintbrush. It doesn’t do much damage, but the zombie does react. I quickly hit one of the other zombies with the paintbrush, but to my dismay the first one rises back up. I stupidly turn around and try to run away. One of the zombies grabs onto my leg and I try to hit it with my paintbrush. The thing attempts to hang on, but the arm is ripped from the zombie’s body and the zombie falls away. I try to shake the arm off my leg, but it stays put. I stop to pry it off, but that only gives the zombies an advantage, and they catch up to me.

I take a deep breath and try hitting them again with my paintbrush. I accidentally let go of it, and the brush lodges itself in one of the zombie’s eye holes.

“Ew! Sealand, help me!” I shriek, but the zombies continue to slowly advance closer to their prey. I keep running, only occasionally looking back. I start slowing down, but with England’s house now in sight I push myself harder.

I finally make it into his front yard, but I accidentally trip, causing the zombies to get even closer. I scramble to my feet, and bolt for the front door. The door is heavy, but I do my best to wrench it open.

As soon I walk in I am met with the smell of cupcakes.

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