Neon Socks

I sincerely hope you enjoy this story. :)

By the way, if you take offense to the pimple and zit stuff, know that this is a story only for enjoyment and nothing else, thanks!

Chapter 1

Birthday Present

Buzz... Buzz... Buzz.
"What the crap..." Rachel said groggily. She looked at the clock. 5:30. She slammed the snooze button and fell back asleep.
Buzz... Buzz... Buzz.
"Hmf? Oh." Rachel murmured. The clock read 5:45. She pushed herself and sat on her bed. Rubbing her eyes, she trudged to her mirror. Her blonde hair was scattered across her face. A zit was forming on her jaw, but she gave it no mind. Her green eyes glared at her as she glared at the mirror. Her lean figure screamed baseball and the dull pink nail polish she had on was chipping. Rachel yanked herself away and pulled open a drawer. She threw her school uniform on her bed. As she reached for her shirt, Rachel felt watched. She jogged to her window. Her one story house viewed a dusty old street with dusty old houses. The dust was stirred by the three boys running away from her house.
"Pervs." Rachel muttered and shut her curtains. She warily put her uniform on and combed her hair. As she put some perfume on, she remembered something.
"I'm 15 today. That's cool." She said to herself and wandered aimlessly throughout her house until she found herself in the kitchen. No one to be seen.
"Figures. Mom and Vic are probably spooning." Rachel said to no one in particular. She poured herself some milk and put some chocolate syrup in. She grabbed a cereal box and poured the crumbs in and threw the box away. She ate whatever the heck you call it and washed her dish. Rachel grabbed her homework and double checked it. Vic came into the kitchen.
"Hey, hon. I dunno what you like. Here, two bucks. Buy something pretty." Vic told her and dumped the two dollars on the table. Rachel grabbed them and stuffed them in her pocket.
"S---. Hon, you need to go shopping! We are outta beer." Vic told Rachel.
"Vic, I have told you this countless times, I am only four-, no, fifteen! I can't buy beer."
"Rachel, what have I, you know, ME, told you? Kayla and I told you to call me dad!" Vic growled at Rachel.
"Well, Vic, you'll never be my dad." Rachel said and grabbed her book bag and homework and she was out the door.

Rachel walked to school. She sighed. She was going to get a beating when she got home. Vic married her mom two years ago, when her dad left her mom. Vic, when he wasn't drunk, was fairly nice. Her mom almost always had a beer bottle or a cigar lodged in her mouth. When Vic and Rachel's mom were drunk, Rachel almost always was beaten within an inch of her life.
"Rachel, are you alive, idiot?" Karen asked Rachel in homeroom.
"Yeah." Rachel responded.
"You don't look it, b----." Karen mouthed the last word. Rachel popped her middle finger up at her.
"MRS. ARKWRIGHT, RACHEL IS FLICKING KAREN OFF!" Cried out Vicky, one of Karen's goons.
Rachel rolled her eyes.
"Rachel, don't flick Karen off." Mrs. Arkwright said calmly.
"Rachel, you got a zit on your face." Karen said nastily.
"So does Amy, and you don't bug her about it!" Snapped Rachel.
"That's cause Amy is my friend." Karen shot back.
Rachel threw her book bag over her shoulder and stormed to the school store.

Rachel was originally looking for phys ed shorts, but she stopped abruptly.There was a large group for girls clustered in the corner. They were shouting about something.
"Me, Mark, me!"
"I want it!"
"Buy it for ME, Mark!"
"What's going on?" Rachel asked a girl.
"Mark, the football hottie, is giving one girl a kiss and buying her whatever she wants from here. AND, they'll be temporarily dating for a week, unless he REALLY likes her, then it won't be temporary!" The girl squealed, and turned back to the crowd.
That would be nice. Rachel thought. Wish I didn't have this zit, or else I'd join. She felt her jaw, expecting the unnatural bump to intervene. But.. there was no bump, no zit!
How the heck did that happen? Rachel thought, but she shrugged the thought off and was about to put her books down, when the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen smashed into her. Rachel remained straight as a poker, but he fell at her feet.
"Oh my god! I am so sorry!" Rachel apologized, she put her hand down and a deeply tanned hand grabbed it. She pulled him up with ease.
"No, I'm sorry. It's my fault. Jeez, you're strong!" The guy said. "I've crashed into other football players at a slower speed than that, and they all go down."
Rachel shrugged, aware that the other girls were watching her. For the first time, she examined his face. The blue eyes were kind, as was the tanned face. His brown bangs was swept to one side of his face. He was pretty hot.
"You know what?" He asked her.
"If I knew, I would be nothing short of a creep." Rachel said sarcastically.
He laughed at that. "My name's Mark, and I am you're new boyfriend." Mark leaned down and kissed Rachel on the mouth.
"Ooh." the girls said, and started to wander out.
"So... I don't even know you're name." Mark said awkwardly.
"Rachel," she said. "My name's Rachel."
"Wait, you don't have a boyfriend already, do you?" Mark asked, looking her up and down.
"Nah. They never really took the time to understand me." She pointed out.
"Okay, well, what do you want?" Mark asked tenderly, gesturing to the whole of the store.
Rachel gazed at the phones, laptops, jewelry, high heels, etc. but she went to the cheap stuff. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mark casting a glance back towards the phones and other section, made a confused look, then caught up with her.
"Hey, don't you want any of that?" He asked.
"Nope. We've known each other for five minutes now, I'm not going to make you buy something expensive for me." Rachel closed her eyes and reached up into the New section of the cheap clothes. She grabbed something and pulled it out. It was a pair of brightly colored, neon socks.
"I'll have these." She said, brightly. She handed them to him.
He silently paid for them and gave them to her. He looked her up and down, then smiled.
"I like you, you're not like the other girls."
"I never wanted to be." She grinned at him, and he grinned back, walking her to homeroom. He kissed her briefly and she walked through the door, still grinning like an idiot.
"Hey, loser! What could make someone as stupid and as poor as you so happy?" Karen shouted, the entire class looked at her. Karen walked up to her, along with Vicky and Amy.
"Her zit's gone." Amy said, her acne face caked in concealer. Even though she was one of THEM, she was Rachel's friend up until last year, meaning she still felt sorry and apologized to Rachel often, but Rachel would here none of it.
"What happened? Did God feel bad for you because you're already so darn ugly?" Vicky taunted. The class stared intently, Mrs. Arkwright talking on the phone, paying no mind. Rachel seized her chance.
"I'm not sure, but at least I have a boyfriend." Rachel spat and went to her seat. The class started muttering. Karen looked taken aback, then an unpleasant mixture of venom and curiosity filled her face.
"And who might that be?" Karen scoffed.
It then occurred to Rachel that she still didn't know his last name. "Uh... Mark... from the football team..."
"Mark would never go out with you, liar!" Karen shouted.
"Why don't you go ask him?" Rachel replied supremely.
"Maybe I will." Karen said and left to go to his homeroom.
Rachel shrugged and took off her shoes to put on her new socks. They were surprisingly warm. She put her uniform shoes back on and waited. After what seemed all of homeroom, Karen came back in with Mark.
"So, are you?" Karen asked viciously.
"I told you already, I am." Mark's eyes fell on Rachel. "You see, there she is right now. Hey, Rachel!" Mark waved. Rachel waved back. As he left, Karen came so close to Rachel's face that Rachel felt her hot breath.
"You're so dead, kid." Karen said, and backed away.


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