to write or not to write.....

Um..... In the comments section please tell me if you want to here these stories. If you do I'll write, but it will be quite odd and weird.

Chapter 1

awwh, my Pandora comment buds

by: kitkatsm
So, i have a Pandora and on most of the Narnian and Lord of the Rings filmscores are my comment buds. Basically there's a lot of role-play explosions, orcs and battles........ I find it quite fun since in the role-play it's in a fandom where all characters of both books and movies live in not so peace. (I just found out that Pen's explosive dagger turned the Dawn Treader into drift wood! Soooooo funny!)
Oh and um...... One thing i forgot to mention is that most of the girls are with the book/movie characters..... Please don't ask how it got started cause i have no clue.

What i wanna know is if you wanna hear this but it will be very very chaotic and i will be using their usernames like evenstar, elvenqueen, pen, meg(I'm not gonna write some out cause of length), greatwall, and dragon. They are probably gonna be the main ones along with a few others that I'm not gonna bother writing out cause I'm already tired and this rain is not helping me at all! :D


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