Shadow Paradise

Congratulations, your child has been selected to join our boarding school for the smmartest children in the country. THis is a wonderful desion that will improve your childs education and other inhancments. Just send them to the island of Shadow by sundown on Sunday. We will be anxiously await your arrival.

"This is their fight, not mine. I'm only a factor that is in their favor."

Chapter 1

Guard #152

by: Cam12
I grabbed the last piece of paper off the printer, carefully placing it in the pile.

"Attention! Guard how many did you find," yelled the warden. He stood a clear foot taller than me.

"I found nine, sir," I replied, "Two boys and six girls." The warden glared at me. He is the only one of our crew that you could tell if you were being glared at. All the guards, including me, had a black hood that covere our eyes.

"Send out the invitations, and then get ready for arrivals. Dismiss." I immediately followed his orders, no one disobeyed him. I walked out of the steel door. As I reached the next hall, I heard a giant pop.

Just down the hall were two of the guards, in the mence of a fight. There're never fights here, and for a good reason. One man was ontop of the other holding his axe rigth about to strike.

There soon was a gun fire knocking the man over. He lay motionless as the color left his eyes. The Warden walked out with his signature staff and white suite. He walked over to the bet up guard. He snapped his fingers. Two men came up and grabbed the man, and drug him to the foribbidden red doors.

His voice was screaming all the through, for no one went through those doors and came back through. Well, alive.

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