an adaptation from my virtual internet life.
All the dialogs are real (and nothing more).
If you're into music you'll probably like this. esp. if you like Beatles/Oasis/Arctic Monkeys/Blur etc...
hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Got To Get You Into My Life

This place wasn't really anything like what Jasmine described. Warm? I was freezing. Cozy? I never felt more uncomfortable. Friendly? People hardly give a nice glance.
I pulled my chair slowly toward the corner. The guy in front of me was smoking a cigarette (or I hope its just a cigarette and nothing more). The smoke directly targeted my face. And moving the chair not only wasn't helpful, now it made a straight easy way for it to win its goal.
Jasmine, my older friend who is staying in town for only couple of days brought me here to hang out with her friends. As a result I'm sitting behind a table with a dozen of strange people who hardly speak about a permanent topic for more than one minute. We had a small introduction when we got here but I don't remember even one's name. I wonder if they remember mine.
What was this place anyway? I wasn't even sure if this was a coffee shop. I looked around to find a clue, dark brown walls with artistic paintings on them, woody tables and chairs. Not a bar, a small fridge beside the corner with some drinks in it. Still no idea.
As the place wasn't fascinating me at all, I tried to catch up with the current conversation. They were talking about Alice Cooper's music. But only 2 of them seemed really interested. Others seemed bored. I don't know much about Alice Cooper but I was becoming the third interested not just because I didn't have anything else to do. I had a thing for rock. Especially classics. a thing? No, Frankly, I was obsessed with classic rock. To be more specific I was obsessed with the Beatles.
And yes by obsessed I really mean it, I can't get enough of the fab four. Their music, their characters, just everything about them. But I was alone in this. My friends, they were so different. And it wasn't just about music. Time after time the difference between us grew so much that now I almost have nothing in common with them. I was like a wrong piece that doesn't fit in the puzzle. I was too big or too small for it, either way, I was lonely.
New friends? Where I live, which is a small city in Kansas. You can't easily find that. Especially that people around me are all the same. It's like someone made a copy of one specific kind around me. The kind who likes to go to the same places talk about the same things and listen to the same music and live the same life as the others do. Maybe I'm just too different?
Although I dont like being here and I could hit Jasmine right now for bringing me with herself I was beginning to think this might be fun. I could see some variety of people which made me feel excited. They weren't similar. At all. I tried to estimate what kind of music they listen to. As that's usually the first thing that crosses my mind when I meet new people.
First I looked up and saw a long blonde hair Nirvana looking guy glancing me with a sneer. He was the one with the smoke. Also one of the Alice Cooper conversation talkers, he probably listens to Rock, and by his long hair and clothing I assume he likes hard rock.
Next one the guy who seemed richer than others. With all the devices he brought, (which are A LOT) you'd either think he works for the Apple Company. He was wearing a dark green coat that matched his shirt. He spent too much time on his hair, and his looks on me so far is also a proof, he's a party person. Disco DJ kind of music, Tiesto, David Guetta and such things.
The girl next to him, seemed younger than me, short black hair with pink highlights in it, a shirt with a Skeleton picture on, two earrings on one side. A very confident look fixed on me. She likes to brag about how she listens to punk and metal, but in the end of the day she listens to Rihanna to think about her crush.
The girl next to her, long black hair, southern American accent, seems grown up. Little make up, loose casual clothes but chosen carefully. A cowboy hat. Country. Light Rock.
The guy who is in front of me, loosen big T-shirt with graphic paints on it, a cap. The cool attitude of him. Hip hop, Rap. "yo?" he just said as he saw me checking him out. Definitely hip hop, rap. I smiled it off.
Before I get the chance to analyze others some familiar word got my attention to the other side of the table. I just knew that they were currently talking about Bob Dylan and I wasn't much interested in Dylan either but something happened to get me to listen intently. Some word.
"He had a great influence on Lennon too" I looked toward him. The owner of the voice, he was the second guy in the Alice Cooper talking. And now he was on Dylan, he was on Dylan on Lennon. He noticed my sharp look on him and gave something like a sharp smile. He wasn't exactly handsome, just maybe cute. He had brown hair a big square glasses and beard. Seemed ages older than me. But there was something about the way he was that I instantly liked.
"don't start on the Beatles, you know way too much about them it won't be a conversation it'll be a lecture" Nirvana said and it made the Dylan-Lennon guy laugh out loud, obviously taking it as a compliment and enjoying it.
"I surely do, I can say I have a goddamn PhD when it comes to the Beatles." He gave a crook proud smile and glanced the whole table and noticeably ignored me. I'm not sure if I was angry or felt threatened or jealous or competitive. I just wanted to attack him. But I thought, wait a second, I've always longed to find a Beatles fan. Just to talk to. And here he was, I had to go peace and love. I usually go peace and love anyway. But something was stopping me to act nice and wanted to smash the guy in two with my words.
"I don't call marijuana a great influence. Do you?" I said not straightly looking at him. All the table went silent and turned to me.
"oh, oh ,oh" Nirvana and others said laughing and looking at us both, now, I looked straightly at him. He gave me a smile that says he is impressed but I have to wait for his answer. So I did.
"I was mostly talking about the music, but that's right. You seem to know about them" he said like he was the owner of every information there is about the Beatles and I probably just know so little that can't be a threat to his huge company of knowledge. Right after he finished his sentence, him, and all the people on the table who seemed suddenly interested in the music turned to me, waiting for me to answer.
"I don't have a PhD" I sneered "but I do know a lot" I hesitated "maybe even more than you" I looked directly in his eyes. The table went absolutely silent. Jasmine gave me a what are you doing look. And I instantly regretted what I've said. But he seemed to welcome it because he was smiling widely.
"Let's match then" He said narrowing his eyes on me like it was a scene from that Texas movie Good Bad Ugly. Damn, how can I put it off? I really have to go peace and love now.
"Match? Beatles fans never compete each other, peace and love eh? Lets have a friendly chat" I escaped his gaze. It was obvious I was surrendered before even starting. Not that I don't know as much as him, I probably knew more but I just wasn't feeling confident contesting around all these people who were looking like they're watching a wrestling match and I swear they would go betting on us!
"I'm an Oasis fan, I don't do peace and love. Lets have the round right now in this bleeding ring" I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help it. I looked around the ring. People were so bored they have longed for something like this. But who was Oasis anyway?
"alright, how its gonna be?" I said coldly.
"one by one, we say something that we know about the Beatles" he shrugged
"sounds good to me" I gave a stable strong look
"start" his eyes was so fix on me like I was the only thing that he could see.
"you go first" I didn't take my eyes off him either.
"sergeant pepper lonely club heart band took 129 days and about 700 hours to complete"
"Paul written Yesterday in his dreams, he wakes up having this melody in his head out of no where"
"and they called it scrambled egg until they find the right lyrics"
"the first instrument John Lennon has learned to play was the harmonica."
"the first song George Harrison has written was Don't Bother Me"
We were getting faster and faster, people kept turning their eyes from me to him. I was excited, enjoying every second of this. And I could swear he was too.
"Prudence was a real person, she was Mia Farrow's sister, they were in India meditating with them."
"The song Birthday was written in the honor of Brian Wilson"
We continued for more than 15 minutes and everybody seemed bored little by little.. Because the scene they were waiting for, seeing one of us failing miserably to give out any more Beatles information was not going to happen. First they started whispering and then observable talking. And ignoring us. however, I wasn't going to stop. That would make me the loser right? But neither was he.
"In the summer of 1966 Paul McCartney…"
"Alright stop now" the short black pink hair girl said. and people agreed with her.
"you both were pretty great, now PLEASE someone change the subject. I may vomit if I hear another word about the Beatles" the hip hop guy said
"I never thought I'd get to know these much about Paul McCartney" one of the boys said giving me a rolling eyes.
"I can't believe now I know The Beatles used the word sun seventeen times in their songs" the rich apple guy said and shook his head in disbelief.
"lets go for a walk around here, I feel bored all sitting" the cowboy girl stood up and pulled Nirvana's hand. The girl next to me and the rapper boy and another boy stood up to leave. Nirvana gave me some sort of a grin, and one of the boys winked at me and my Beatles fella competer which was awkward. I looked at him and noticed that he was looking at me. I managed a smile. It was getting more awkward so I started to talk first.
"I know you probably want to kill me, but I'm excited I found a Beatles fan to talk to" and I really was. It wasn't anything typical. Living in 2012 and loving something like the Beatles is a very rare combination. It is like you are a mammoth and you're sure you're the last one then you see another mammoth. That's where you know you are not extinct.
"You may not believe it but me too" he said laughing.
"I'm Karen, call me Kars" He extended his hand forward and we shook hands.
"I'm Blair" I said giving a nice smile.
"so what Beatles movies have you seen so far?" I almost instantly asked, was too curious to wait. He looked at the empty sit beside me. And he pulled it back and sat on it. I'm glad he did. People were talking again so it was better to sit close, plus we couldn't really talk loud anymore since people's heads around us are bursting with Beatles information.
"well I've seen Let It Be" he hesitated "I've seen the concerts, Yellow Submarine, A Hard Day's Night.. I don't believe I've seen more" he said with a pondering look. I looked up and breathed deeply and gave him a knowing glance as I wanted to talk a lot.
"you haven't seen help? Its excellent. I've seen all the ones you said. Plus some more, Scorsese's documentary was really good. Paul made a movie in 84. Give My Regards to Broad Street. And Magical Mystery Tour which was awful" I finished but didn't take my eyes off him.
he gave a cute smile and seek his eyes around my face and hair.
"where you've been till now?" He said with a warm smile. I gave something like a giggle and immediately it turned to a wide smile.
"where have you been yourself?" I added with a small sneery smile. He gave a sharp laugh, his eyes sparkling, made it hard for me to keep on looking in them.
"I've been around…, for myself" he said with a soft smile. There was this one moment of awkward silence. I felt like I was blushing, thankfully he broke it soon enough.
"that Give My Regards something... that's not about the Beatles is it? its an ordinary movie" he hesitated
"It is, but it has Paul and Ringo and Beatles songs." I frown at remembering that was the only good thing that movie
"and I've seen help too, but the main thing is those Anthologies that I haven't seen. The anthologies are awesome 9 hours documentary they gave out with their albums. " There was this excitement in his voice that made me realize he sounds younger even more childish than what his age and his primary behavior suggests. "I'm gonna get it soon though" he added. "I can give it to you too" I think he tried to hide the eagerness in his voice
"I have the anthologies" I said somewhat proudly. "I've seen one. It was really amazing, also another documentary called Beatles story. That's worth watching too." He nodded his head and before he get the chance to talk I remembered something else so I didn't t stop. "you should also Get the movie Living In A Material World by Scorsese, its really wonderful" I finished and I was thinking if I talked too fast or too much, I can't really focus when I'm talking about the Beatles. And because I don't get much chance to, its really out of my control. But he didn't seem mind or bored. He was tagging along with enthusiastic like me.
"Scorsese's documentary should be awesome. I've seen his one's about Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones, they're so focking cool" Somehow, I tried to ignore that using that language a little shocked me. Then I remembered they all talk like that here.
"The Stones are good, I love some tracks. Mick Jagger is awesome. I don't like Bob Dylan much and I haven't seen his documentary either" I put my head down saying the last sentence somewhat bitter.
"come on, the whole music of the Beatles between 64 to 66 is under the influence of Dylan. Stones are good but they're not genius" He said impatiently and I shrugged it off
"who's your favorite Beatle?" I ask out of nowhere
"I love them all equally, but the fact that too many people dig Lennon really bugs me" he got a twisted look on him.
"I know right?" I said then I got closer to him like I was gonna tell a secret "you know there was this time that I hated John" for no reason at all I was whispering. Like anyone around cares if I did. "I thought he broke up The Beatles" I put my head down again giving a small laugh. He laughed along. Right then Nirvana and others came in and called for him.
"Mine is George" I gave a blushing smile with my head down like I was confessing my Crush.
"Kars, we're leaving. You're coming or what?" the hip hop guy said and gave me a look that wasn't really pleasant.
"Coming" he nodded. Nirvana and others were saying goodbye. I waved back at them.
"So tomorrow is this gathering, in the park. Are you coming?" he asked kindly and I gave a look to Jasmine which says everything.
"yeah we're coming" she said with an obvious fake smile and I shrugged happily
"I'll see you then, this is my number" he pulled a small piece of paper and a pen out of his bag and wrote quickly. "in case if you didn't find me" he handed it to me. Written his number and his name Karz with a z. I put the number in my phone and called a miss call and his phone rang.
"mine" I said.
"alright, so see ya" he joined his friends. "see ya" I whispered to
myself. He was gone.

* * *

I was changing in pajamas to go watch a movie with Jasmine. Someone walked in and I knew it was her.
"coming" I said putting back my clothe to my closet. I couldn't help looking over the dresses and Tshirts to find something suitable for tomorrow. Somehow today or tomorrow wouldn't leave my mind. Maybe I can wear my Beatles shirt with...
"you know he has a girlfriend, right?" I quickly turned to Jasmine with a shock expression on my face.
"who?" I asked. I knew exactly who.
"you know who" she said rolling her eyes.
"I don't" I lied innocently
"Kars" she said in a cold voice. Something in her voice tells me she is not very fond of him.
"You know him?"
"Yeah, he was with us since I remember. I never liked him though, he's a loser" Jasmine said with no feeling in her voice. She usually dislikes everybody so it wasn't new but for no reason at all I wanted to defend him and attack Jasmine for calling him a loser, what does she know anyway? Then I realized I don't know anything myself.
"oh" that's all the defense that came out of my mouth
"her girlfriend though, Mariane, is really sweet and lovely" I could feel a warning tune in her voice as saying she is nice don't bother her.
"is she, coming, tomorrow?" I asked chopping the words while trying my best to sound indifferent.
"No, she's out of town for the week" I didn't hide my relief sigh.
"I'm gonna put the movie in" Jasmine said coldly and left the room.
I can't say I wasn't surprised. But Jasmine doesn't know that's not what I'm looking for, I didn't want Kars as a boyfriend or anything. I just needed a friend who's alike me. However, I wish I knew why I felt a bitter sadness in the bottom of my heart as I was putting my purse on the table and glancing the piece of paper again with his number and name on. Karz.


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