Allison's Writing Contest!

A Contest. I am bossy. I guess. Please. Sign. Up. XD

gives you a cookie and a cake..

Chapter 1


by: CaughtUp
Personally, I think no one is going to sign up for this XD
It makes me feel bossy and I am not born to lead and be a judge.
But still, everyone else does it and I would just like to try...

Even if no one signs up, I just love reading everyone's stories and commenting that they are absolutely PERFECT! So please, please think about it and try entering my contest...

That would be a huge favor to me. I love you. XD

Topic #1: What happens in the future? Is it going to be awful? Is it going to be a paradise? Everything has turned out... The opposite way the people would think.
You make your own future.

I have no more ideas, but er-
You don't really have to sign up. You can add a BIG twist to the whole topic, but it needs to be about the future.

I thank you for your kindess if you are going to participate.
Thank you XDD

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