my first wedgie

a story about my first wedgie!

Chapter 1

my first wedgie

by: awsome11
i was at my older cousins house when i was 10 he was 16. he was joking around and pantsed me. back then i still wore tighty whities. when he saw them he laughed at me. then he said any one who still wears tighty whities is a nerd and deserves a wedgie. then he grabbed me and gave me a wedgie. he pulled so hard that he lifted me off the ground by my undies. he then pulled my undies over my head and covered my eyes with them. when he let me go i ran around in circles because i couldn't see. i ran right into a wall so hard it knocked me out. when i woke up i was wearing nothing but my undies hanging on the hook of my cousin's door by my undies! about 6 hours later he let me go and gave me another atomic wedgie. he ducked taped my undies to my chin and made me wear the wedgie for hours!


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