Pretty Little Hat

There really is no point to this. I don't even know what it is. I just felt like writing it.

Chapter 1

by: Northe
What a pretty little hat you've got there.
May I see it?
No, no, I won't keep it. I only want to see it. It is quite a pretty hat. Such a rare hat.
Look at all the ribbons and feathers.
All colors of the rainbow, and even beyond that.
It's such a colorful hat, I must take a look.
May I just touch it?
It will only be but a moment.
I want to see if it is as soft as it looks.
It looks like velvet swimming through a river a satin, it's really quite beautiful.
Extraordinary, even.
How quaint is it. You say you bought this hat?
You got it from a relative?
No, not even that?
Hmm, what about a hand-me-down.
Perhaps this hat belonged to an ancestor, and that is why it's so beautiful?
Perhaps all the ancient air was preserved in the brim of the hat.
Oh, well, alright.
If that's not the case, then do tell me; where did you get this magnificent hat?
It's a secret?
Well, if you say so.
May I touch it?
No, no, I understand.
I suppose I won't bother you further.
It really is such a pretty little hat, though.

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