Return To The Force

I was never good at writing plays. Sure, I tried. A long time ago, I made a story called "My Modern Shakespeare Chaos" and sure enough, it was chaotic. A little too chaotic if you ask me.

Eitherway, I decided to enter this contest and hope for the best. Wish me luck!

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Chapter 10

Play Synopsis

Scene 1: When a terrorist who calls himself the Snake Charmer makes his debut in America, Terrorist Control Task Force Commander, Wick Salazar, makes the choice to call a retired agent back into the field.

Scene 2: Agent Jack Green goes to Mt Everest and speaks with William Cole, a retired agent at the age of 35, living out in the mountains with his troubled wife London Samuelson. Jack brings Will back to the Task Force.

Scene 1: Jack, Will and London are on the plane back to America, but unbeknownst to them, the plane they are on is Snake Charmer's next target.

Scene 2: Jack and Will arrive at Task Force HQ to discuss Snake Charmer's attacks, but Frank does not welcome them as warmly as the others do. And at the end, Snake Charmer makes his next move.

Scene 1: With the element of surprise to his advantage, Snake Charmer and C.O.B.R.A go about infiltrating the Task Force HQ.

Scene 2: After the deaths of Frank and Crimson, Wick rouses up his men, calling them to fight back. Jack and Will manage to coerce the location of Snake Charmer's lair out of a captured C.O.B.R.A terrorist.

Scene 1: In the Task Force Safehouse, London is brought out for tea time with a couple of girls who teach her an important lesson about her relationship with Will.

Scene 2: Jack and Will return the favor, this time infiltrating Snake Charmer's lair. Snake Charmer is assassinated and the deaths of the soldiers and agents have been avenged.

Scene 1: Jack returns to Task Force where Wick presents him with a medal for outstanding bravery and courage. He is invited to be publicly thanked by the President for helping put an end to Snake Charmer's attacks. Will and London get ready to head home, both of them happy to be alive and well and excited to see Sam and his tea again.


Task Force Members:
Will - A retired agent that was brought back into the field
Frank - A lab tech and research assistant
Jack - A skilled agent
Wick - Force commander
Crimson - Second-in-command next to Wick
Lab Tech 1 - Unnamed lab tech
Lab Tech 2 - Unnamed lab tech
Soldier 1 - Unnamed soldier
Soldier 2 - Unnamed soldier
Soldier 3 - Bobby (hardly mentioned)
Soldier 4 - Unnamed soldier
Soldier 5 - Unnamed soldier
Soldier 6 - Unnamed soldier
Soldier 7 - Unnamed soldier

Mt. Everest:
Sam - Will's butler
London - Will's wife

Snake Charmer - Terrorist villain
Terrorist 1 - Unnamed terrorist
Terrorist 2 - Unnamed terrorist
Terrorist 3 - Unnamed terrorist
Terrorist 4 - Unnamed terrorist
Terrorist 5 - Unnamed terrorist

Man 1 - Man
Man 2 - Man
Man 3 - Man
Man 4 - Man
Woman 1 - Sister of Woman 2
Woman 2 - Sister of Woman 1
Woman 3 - Woman
Flight Stewardess 1 - Woman
Flight Stewardess 2 - Woman

Mrs Kanga - Plump cook
Paige - Jack's girlfriend
Ara - One of the girls in the safehouse


And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this play and thanks for reading!

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