Please Read?

I just wanted to tell you. My friends on Quibblo always understand and I feel like I can tell anything to you guys. Your awesome.

Chapter 1


by: CaughtUp
First of all, my crush has changed. (Talking to the people who RP with me, and the one who talks to me.... IRESHA, SISTAH! XD) I told a boy named Kevin and he told me his crush, too. He started teasing me and I did too- But everyone already knows who Kevin likes so it's not much of a big deal.

And only a few people know who I like. He started teasing quietly, only when I was around, but I guess people heard him. So almost all of my class knows who I like. My crush doesn't know, thank goodness.

But a guy friend of mine is really good friends with my crush. He sort of threatened me that he will tell me I like him. But thankfully, he was joking. After all, he said that he will only tell my crush my last name's first letter. C.

My guy friend told me that whenever my crush got a confession, he turned the girls down. Ignored them. And my guy friend is just trying to help me out- There could be a possibility. I'm just worried....

What if my crush, the second he hears my last name's first letter, he figures out who I am. Because there are only 3 girls' last names that start with C. And he find out I like him- Because the boys will tease me all day, even in front of him, my crush can find out.

He turns me down. It could happen. I blame the drama and regret telling Kevin my crush. Or if my crush doesn't turn me down... KEVIN THANK YOU.

Let me tell you. My crush was doing dodgeball with me, and a lot of friends. He usually throws it hard a lot to the others, and it hurts when they get hit by the ball. But I was standing right in front of him. I wasn't his team, and he threw the ball so softly I could catch it.

And also, my crush today came into my class to give my teacher some paperwork. Then he stood on his tippy toes and looked at me.


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