New Order High

This was my contest entry for WC18. enjoy, rate, comment, and share! I unfortunately didn't win. But I still think I did pretty good and people seem to like it and wanted me to continue. So I will continue.

Chapter 1

Character Desctiptions

Character: Cassandra Evergloom
Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Description: Long Black Hair that goes to about her waist. Grey eyes.White alabaster skin.
Clothing: Black t-shirt, black skinny jeans with chain, Black leather jacket, black and white converse high top sneakers
Personality: Emo/goth. Is overall a pretty cool girl is a bit of a tomboy and loves art. But don't make her angry! You'll find out why!
SuperPower: Invisibility,telekinetic powers that allow her to move things, can create force-fields around stuff, manipulate gravity,can also read minds but can not control or manipulate them. She is also an empath and can read and sense people's emotions and can manipulate emotions. but she cannot manipulate minds!

Character: Jake Williams
Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Description: Sandy blonde short hair, tan skin, with emerald green eyes.
Clothing: Kinda looks like a surfer with tan Kacki capris, a pair of rainbow flip flops, baby blue t-shirt that has the Ron Jon Surf Shop Logo on it. Wears a shark tooth necklace on a leather string around his neck and on either side of the shark tooth is a turquoise bead.
Personality: Laid back. Total Surfer. really nice and caring. Also another person who you don't want to make angry.
Superpower: Controls water and can manipulate it. When he is swimming underwater he can grow gills and his hand turn into kinda like fins so that he can swim and breathe.

Character: Dominique Black
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Description: African American. Long black hair pulled into pony tail. Brown eyes.
Clothing: red tank top, with black daisy shorts. wears tan hiking boot with white socks pulled up to her knees, with a blue jean jacket. Also like to wear cherry red lipstick. Wears thick glasses.
Personality: Outdoorsy, enjoys nature. Goody two shoes. but adventurous. Brave and loyal. when she's upset she complains....a lot. animal & plant lover. Hard to make her angry. but still another person you don't want to make angry when she does. Is a Vegan! Also is like a major nerd!
Superpowers: Can control animals and plants. Plus turn into them, plus she can talk to animals!

Now Introducing!

Character: BOBO (The Foul Mouth Gun Slinging No Pants Wearing Genius Monkey who likes to eat bananas and is Dominique's pet Monkey)
Age:13 in human years (which is much older in Monkey years where he is like 40!)
Type of monkey: Chimp!
Description: Well let's see. He's a monkey. Who wears a white with silver buckle cowboy hat, a green button up shirt, and has a gun holster around his waist with his two armed and always ready pistols. But these are special types of pistols with different settings that allow them to shoot and do different things!
Personality: Don't judge him only on his foul mouth, clothing, and love for bananas and him being a monkey.! He might look like a complete moron on the outside cover, but on the inside of this book is a real genius!

Ok that was the good guys! Now let's throw in a couple of bad!

Character: Skylar Glow
Age: 17
Height: 5'4
Description: Looks like your typical b:tchy pain-in-the-arse cheerleader. With sky blue eyes, and perfect tan and bleach blonde hair.
Clothing. Red mini skirt. with white tank top. and a black overcoat. With black 5 inch high stiletto heels.
Personality: You know that one poplar girl at school. The one that is poplar because she is pretty rich girl, but yet no one really like her. Is mean and crude and likes to keep people around her finger. Is pure evil ans is a sadist psychopath. She just has a hides that part pretty well.....most of the time.
Superpower: Mind read/control/manipulate + her body can turn into any substance she wants it to when she touches it. Her favorite form to turn in too is diamond. Which she can due to the diamond earring and necklace she allways carry with her.

Character: David Archer
Age: 18
Height: 5'8
Description: Dusty brown shaggy hair, white skin with some but not many freckles. Brown eyes.
Clothing: White t-shirt with school Letterman's jacket. Blue jeans and red and white sneakers.
Personality: Is your typical head of the football team/jock/major bully. He's mean but he ain't lean (he's all muscle), and is a fighting machine
Power: Super strength/speed. Incredible regenerating powers

Character: Tiffany Diamond
Age: 15
Height: 4'9
Description: Her hair is two long strawberry blond big tales that are at the top of her head. Ice blue eyes, which turn red when she is angry. White skin smooth skin.
Clothing: White long sleeve shirt with baby-blue plaid sweater vest and a blue plaid min skirt. Wears white ballet shoes that are laced with baby-blue colored ribbons.
Personality; Don't underestimate her. She might look and act like a good guy due to her bubbly personality, quirky behavior, clothing, attitude, and small stature and size. But trust me she is not. This is one girl you don't want to mess with. Because she is crazy as heck when she is mad!
Superpowers: can control. manipulate and conjure fire out of nowhere. along with laser heat vision and the ability to make stuff explode with her mind!

Well that's it for the characters. I should be posting the actual script itselfs either later today or tommorow for this week's writing contest WC18.Write a dramatic play.

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