Please? For me?

Chapter 1


You're sad, I know you are. You feel alone, and so do I. I wish this wasn't true, but we both know it is. You may feel worthless, stupid, or like you are lower than scum, but you aren't. You are my life, my glow, my heartbeat. You're everything. And I love you. So if you love me, please try. Try to be happy again. I know there was a time when you were.

If you can find the muscle, the power, to try and be happy, please do. You may be called a freak, a loser, and things I'm not even gonna mention. But don't let the world get you down. You still have me. I won't leave you. I promise. Because they don't know you. They just see the cacoon, not the butterfly inside. You are beautiful in every way. Just know that. Because no matter what they say, you are more than perfect. You are exquisite. You are amazing. Don't forget that. Please. You are unique, no one is like you. You are different, and that's what makes you extraordinary. You glow.

So, if you can, try to believe that. Try to be happy. Because untill you are, I can't be.



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