So Don't Kill Me.. But Group Story? (AUTHOR'S PLACE)


Chapter 1

Here it is

A group of people (from any ages starting at 6 and ending at 30) find themselves in a world full of mysterious, magical things. In this realm, fairies, witches, ghosts, gouls, wizards, and more exist. In this realm, there's an upcoming battle, there is a darkness more powerful than fear itself coming. This darkness is able to destroy all beautiful life around it. So when the group of people stumble upon this place.. what will they do? how will they survive? Can they help?


Can they help? That answer would be yes. Each of these people have something "Special" about them.


Character Information (Will Not be Used in the First Chapter.. Just for a reference)

Battle Choice (Weapons and such):
Love Interest: (Optional)

My Character

Name: Luna Grace Stevens
Nickname: Gracie
Gender: Female
Age: 16 turning 17
Appearance: Light Brown Wavy Hair, Wide Green Eyes, Naturally Dark Eyelashes, Fair Skin, Rosie Cheeks/Lips, Average Height (5'5), Average Weight (130 lbs)
Personality: Kind, Caring, Shy, Quiet, Anxious, Timid, Modest, Insecure, Protective, Stubborn, Optimistic
Special: Half Angel
Battle Choice: Healing Herbs
Background: Her dad is an angel above and came down to earth when he first saw her mother. Luna was born with a gift, and on our 16th birthday, that gift would start to begin developing. She would be half angel, she'll have certain powers that the angels have yet her biggest strength would be the hope she can keep spinning.
Love Interest: One of the guys within the story

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