Walking On Air

So this is based on the song Walking on Air by Kerli. I listened to it and it sounds really dark and twisted (and a song that I think tWitch would love to dance to). This is for the awesome Stafree's contest. So let us begin. Oh and this will be one chapter only. Now let us begin.

Chapter 1

Dark and twisted

I look up at my house in awe. It nearly looks haunted. It looks so old that it looks like it could fall apart, but I know it won't. I smile and walk in. I think of the new town I am at, "Eternity". Everywhere else I have gone everyone thinks I am creepy, but the truth is they are the one's who are creepy, not me. Still everyone seems to think I am just a little creepy girl, I don't know why. All of my stuff is already here so I walk up to my room and look in my mirror. I put my blood red mascara on, which contradicts amazingly with my blonde nearly white hair. I grab my black lipstick and put it on my lips slowly. I grab my black blush next and put plenty on my cheeks.
"Sometimes the world is really ugly, but you are beautiful." I whisper to myself.
I do that all the time, I'll say something that most people are confused by, but I understand it perfectly. No one seems to understand what anything is about, it's almost like they want to leave me on my own. I don't care, though. I walk over to my cracked window to see people standing a little ways away from my house. They seem almost too afraid to come up to the house. Then they notice me, I tilt my head to the right and they run away screaming. I feel that same feeling as the last town I was at, whose name was Silver Woods, that feeling where no matter what people do or say it won't hurt me. I take a deep breath in and start to believe that it is almost as if I am walking on air. I like the feeling of this, and no one will destroy it for me. I smile and walk away from my window to my black cat with icy blue eyes.
"You ready to eat?" I ask Crimson
It meows in reply and I smile. I grab some cat kibble and quickly put it in Crimson's bowl and give it to him. Then I walk over to my black bat.
"Are you ready for your food too, Drusilla?" I ask.
She squeaks in reply and I hand her some crickets and she gladly eats them. I go sit on my little squeaky rocking chair, while I wait for them to finish eating their food.
While they wait I start to sing, "La la la la la."
I get up and grab my blue hat, which goes beautifully with my hazel eyes. I take my cat and bat and go to walk them.
"Hello, who are you?" A girl in a pink dress asks.
"I'm Elvira." I say.
"You mean that girl who just moved into that creepy house?" she asks.
I nod my head and she says, "Oh...uh...I have to go, bye."
As she runs away I get that feeling that I am walking on air again. I smile and continue to walk my pets and I notice a pattern. Whenever Drusilla flitters up Crimson's tail seems to hover down so between the two of them, they are all around. Oh how I love these pets. We get back home and I put them in their beds. Then I sit in my rocking chair and rock back and forth and slowly drift off to sleep.


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