Love Is Easy? ... 5 Seconds Of Summer Love Story

I love these boys too much! It's very insane! I know this will go on for a very long time! Xx Enjoy.

Chapter 1

My Boys

Me? Well my name is Snow White Brooks. Laugh it up while you can, but I think it’s a pretty cool name. It started about an hour after I was born when my parents were still fighting over what to name me. Mum wanted Brooke, but Dad refused because our last name was Brooks. He held his ground even when Mum offered a middle name to break up the names. On the other hand Dad wanted Katherine, but Mum said no because the name is simply ugly. So we were stuck. After a week of being called ‘Baby Girl’ they took me home, still fighting. At the time my sister was nearly five-years-old and going through her Disney Princess obsession. Mum and Dad were so mad that they left it up to her. Her favourite princess was Jasmine but when she saw me she decided on Snow White. My parents laughed it off and used it as a nickname until they decided, but four weeks later they signed the birth certificate and I was officially Snow White Brooks, White being my middle name.

So this is my story, and here’s a little… to a lot of information about me. You don’t have to remember because I will remind you later on, but I’ll let you know anyway.
Age: 14
DOB: 03/06/99
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 55kg
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown
Skin: Pale to Olive
Cup: D
That last one might be odd, but it comes up more than you’d think. So…

Chapter One

“Hi Cal, what’s up?”
I twirled a lock of hair that had escaped my bun.
“How far are you from school?” He questioned.
“I’m still in my house, what’s so urgent?”
“Oh good, I’m next door, I’ll be over in a sec.”
I hung up confused and brushed the piece of hair back as I spooned another blob of yogurt into my mouth. I can’t remember my life before my gorgeous boys came along. Even though it was only three years ago. A new family moved in next door and guess who came knocking on my door a couple days later. Luke Hemmings. Now we’re totally inseperable and that’s that I guess.
Calum burst into the house and came running up to me at the dining table.
“Please tell me you finished the Maths diagnostic test!” He exclaimed.
I frowned and took my bowl to the sink.
“Of course, and I’m guessing you need some answers.”
“Please! Not all, I’ll get some wrong so she knows it’s mine, just please.” He begged.
I caved pretty easy and led him up to my room.
“Stop.” I demanded.
He stopped abruptly a metre from my door.
One rule in our friendship was completely and utterly no allowance into my room. It had private things in there, it was mine and they stayed out. The only person who had merely seen my room was Luke, and only because his room was directly opposite mine and we always talked through the window. But he has only seen part of it and never been able to enter. It seems he’s the only one that has respected that rule. I came back out of my room with my bag and Math book in hand.
“You’re a life saver!” He exclaimed and dashed back down and out the door.
I giggled to myself as I plopped my bag at the foot of the stairs. I really didn’t like my school. We had hideous uniforms- including bags- and they’re the worst kind you could imagine. Though school was rather easy for me. Though I’m 14 and should be in ninth I am in ninth, tenth and eleventh grade. Just to clarify, I was offered a chance to be put into eleventh grade- with Calum and Luke- but refused because I wanted to stay with my friends. So I am technically in ninth grade but take tenth grade History, eleventh grade Maths, English, Art and Wood Tech and remain in ninth grade for Religion and PDHPE.

“Morning beautiful.” Ashton schmoozed as he kissed my cheek.
“Morning Ash.”
I giggled and half hugged Michael. I ruffled Calum’s hair then froze. I turned around twice and frowned.
“We’re missing one fifth.” I stated.
“Hm yeah, Lukey is still in the shower.” Ashton stated.
“It’s been nearly an hour.” Calum added before biting down on his pen.
I sighed and walked over to Michael who was fiddling on his laptop. He was quite a bit taller than me so I got up on my tip toes and leant my chin on his shoulder.
“What you doing handsome?” I quizzed.
He chuckled and shut it off.
“None of your business nosey.”
He tapped my nose and I scrunched up my face and pulled away.
“Snow please help, I don’t get how you got… this.”
Calum jabbed a finger at the tenth answer on my page. I sighed and leant over his shoulder to help. I was never good at explaining things to people even if I could do it in my sleep. I started explaining my answer to him but I knew that he only heard white noise.
“Calum! She’s trying to help you at least try and listen!” Ashton scolded.
I mouth ‘thank you’ to him and winked before re-explaining to Calum. He was just writing down his answer when someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me into a tight hug.
I turned to give him and proper hug and nestled my face into his shoulder. He was nearly holding me off the ground and I have to admit he smelt really good. It was probably fair to say that Luke and I were slightly closer than the others. Because when all the others had to go home, Luke and I got to stay and we bonded a lot.
“Okay c’mon guys we’ll be late.”
I parted from Luke and skipped up to Ashton.
“Can I drive today, pretty please?” I pleaded.
He looked down at me and chuckled.
“I would love for you to drive, but unfortunately, it’s illegal.”
I pouted.
“Fine then… shot gun!”
I sprinted towards the front of the car along with Calum, Michael and Luke.
“I win! Haha!” I teased.
I buckled myself up and locked the door, poking my tongue out at them. They all whined and squished into the back. Ashton and I were laughing at them fighting about personal space the whole way to school. Oh how I loved these boys.

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