Group Story sign ups!!!! :D Closed!! Thanks so much everybody!!

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Chapter 1

Sign up my friends!!!

Alright so I had a lot of comments on my story, to do it so I'm going to begin group story sign-ups!! I need 5 people for the first one, two new characters for the sequel spot, and two for the prequel if we could do sequels and prequels which I promise I will do!! I'll add an Prolouge and Epilouge for those characters and so on and so forth so here's the story idea.
The story idea is based off the music video for Hurts Like Heaven by Coldplay on Youtube, with 5 kids who live in a world ruled by a dictator who wants everything colorless and these five kids continue a rebellion, two kids started (Prequel) and how this dictator wants them locked up and so on and so forth, I'll be more descriptive in a private story.
1. You can enter more than once but it won't be certain it'll be in, I'll take in all of the people who sign up first, so don't create another character until I tell I write a chapter saying you can.
2. Be fair and honest! :)
3. The due date is the 13th of this month for only one entry per person, and I'll create a list of what spots are needed.
4. Have fun! :D
Here's my example!!!
Name: Kiari Popper
Age (13-17): 16
Gender: Female
Book (Prequel, sequel, or main book): Main Book
Spot (Medic, Strategist, Leader (me), Spy, Look-out,and Weapon guy): Leader
Personality: Smart, firey, adventurous, kind, curious, brave, loyal, caring, hopeful, and gentle.
Characteristics: Light dirty blonde hair always in a high ponytail, ocean blue eyes, tan skin, 5'11", and underweight that she's always on her toes, and they don't eat a lot.
Weapon: Paint gloves which they all have and a samurai sword but she usually doesn't use it.
Family: Her parents died in a war, and one of you guys could be her little sister, I don't mind if you don't want to but that spots free, you get the hang out with the rest of us.
Love Interest: One of the guys who signs up. ;)
Fears: Her little sister or the team getting harmed.
Other: Wears a gold star necklace which her mom gave to her several hours before they invaded their old house and killed their parents as her and her sister ran away.
Alright, have fun and remember the deadline!!!! :)

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