a kid

Chapter 1

so, you say

u say i need to grow up. to be bigger, better, mature. "you are 17, act ur age, till then, u will be treated like a kid". funny, i help people and am kind. i guess thats how you are a kid. i rather be a kind

"if things dont go your way, you pout" because NOONE GIVES A CARE ABOUT HOW I FEEL. how badly i want to yell out and say so. how i just want someone to care and be there. i pout because noone ever asked, what do i want. its a shame. noone knows me, i die a stranger on the inside.

"its always about you, isnt it" WELL THENN, i just want something to go my way once in a while. sorry if that is so bad. GO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT YOU DONT CARE!!! I was sick when she said this. how funny. im sick, "ITS ALL ABOUT YOU" yes, becasue i couldnt take care of myself or doign anything. it felt like i was dying inside sllowly...and i wish i did die. i wish i just fought through it. i wish i never said a word on how i felt and just went through the days. noone would care. noone would say "wow u look bad today". nope.

i alwasy make room for others, yet it is always about me. silly, treat people how u would like to be treated... still waiting for someone to show me kindness and love.


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