What's The Definition Of Pretty Anyways?

This is a little project of mine. Tell your story with this topic, everyone has one.

Chapter 1

time4dance's Tale

Pretty (adjective). Attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful.

Beautiful (adjective)
1. Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
2. Of a very high standard; excellent

Gorgeous (adjective)
1.Beautiful; very attractive.
2. Very pleasant.

You should and will note that these official definitions are very broad and unspecific. It's all about opinion. Also on a random side note, note I didn't put "hot" or "sèxy". I believe it's demeaning.

However there is no denying that some people are just more pleasuring to look at. There is this whole math concept based on it, I forgot the name of it though. However everybody has one good trait. And just because you have brown eyes means you are "ugly". Most of the world is "ugly" then. "Ugly". That word shouldn't exist because nobody is.

And media is to blame with the self image of "I am so ugly". However you should know the people on magizines are less than 1% of the population.

There are different builds. Different metabolism. Different genetics. The most beautiful state is the natural one. Think about that.

Now my story is a bit different from the standard one. I'm not fat, I'm probably never going to be. I have a skinny build and a very high metabolism. Seriously I'll eat a huge meal 15 minutes later... "I'm really hungry". I eat about 7,000 a day when most people eat 2,000. However my BMI (body mass index) when you calculate it grossly is in the dangerously underweight zone. Don't get worry I'm fine. You have to calculate the lean musscle and I am right where I need to be so if you were alarmed don't be.

But this isn't why my story is unusual though it is a contributing factor. It is because while most girls are concerned about being the prettiest or make-up, I really could care less.

I am decent I suposse without makeup, but with it...wow. The compliments are ranging from beautiful to "goddess". Now that's all very nice but I worry about people only liking me for my looks not my personality.

That's one of the reasons I rarely wear makeup. I wanted to be seen for me not my looks. Other reasons include I am really actually lazy in the mornings.

Also there are ballet studios that want there ballerinas to be stick thin. I went to one of those once. I didn't last the year. My instructer would be like "why can't you be as skinny as Emily" and eventually the other girls began to hate my guts because I was skinny. We moved studios. Thank god for that.

Also most people's first comment when they see me is "you should be a model". What is I want to be known for my intelligence, my talents, my hard work, not just my ability to strike poses in front of a camera? It's all very flattering and I might consider modeling in college for money for those expenses but no thanks.

This is basically the grass isn't greener on the other side story.

Now we all have stories that deal with this, please share! Please message or comment if you must if you want next chapter. Also normal comments are appreciated.

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