Shout Outs!

As some of you might have known, I held a dare and that was for people to post the most randomest thing they could on this one particular question of mines and the winner(s) with the coolest randomness wacky thing get a shout out!

To see the wacky random stuff they posted click on this link here!

Chapter 1


Winner for most random comments and being the first to comment goes to:

Evergreen_of_Rohan aka as quizluvr

Here's the link to her page so friend her people she's awesome like me!:

Winner for Person who posted the most random perverted thing even though he only posted once:

AlexTheAlex aka as TheLastBattle

Here's the link to his profile so add him and maybe if you are lucky enough you can join Alex World:

Person who won for most Harry Potter Refrences:

This_is_my_Oath_to_you aka as RueandMadge

here's the link to her profile so friend her!:

Winner for the person who not only Made a Harry Potter Refrence but a Soul Eater Refrence to in their random comment:

Turtulez_Rock aka as popcorn20704

She is awesome and is a major SOUL EATER FANATIC LIKE ME! FRIEND HER! So much so that before I even did the contest I'm deciding on putting her in as in extra in my soul eater story! Link to soul eater story:

Link to profile page:

So check out all these cool people and friend them! Also good job to everyone else who tried! Also check out my Soul Eater Story and other stories and quizzes plus future ones to come!

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