Spirit of the Cirque (Cirque du Freak/OC ~read intro~)

Guys this story is based on the book and movie of Cirque Du Freak , more the movie but only based, i've twisted some of the things (only slightly, dont freak, and some characters might not exact e.i saying uncharacteristic thing etc) so it makes more sense so don't hate, if you have and tips/pointers or ideas send me a message or comment. Much love. Please give me some feedback and most of all...........enjoy :)

Chapter 1

The Show

The two best friends, Darren and Steve, sat in the large, run down theatre, waiting to the next act. They were at the Cirque Du Freak, one of the oldest traveling freak shows in the world. They had already seen a women's hand be ripped from it's wrist buy a wolf man and couldn't imagine things getting any worse.

Back stage, two acts were getting ready to perform. One was a tall, thin, pale man, went by the name of Larten Crepsley, 'Do not mess me around child, i have someone in the audience'
'Oh to hell with them,' the other,a smaller girl,replied. The man brought his face close to the young women and hissed, 'You will go out onto that stage or mark me i will make your life very difficult' the girl hated when Mr Crepsley acted like this, she decided it bet to do as he said, she stood on one side of the heavy curtains separating her from the audience, 'Oh like it isn't already' she muttered before throwing the drapes aside and stepping out into the eery green lights that illuminated the stage.

Darren took in the new acts appearance. She looked around 16 and was quite attractive. She had long,flowing hair, like black velvet. Her eyes were bright and surrounded by dark make-up which only made them sparkle more. Her skin was very pale but her lips were a deep blood red and perfectly shaped. She wore a tight, black corset, leading to a flowing red skirt which was raised at the front, revealing the sufficient amount of flesh. Darren thought she looked dark, mysterious and sensual. He couldn't wait to see her act.

She introduced herself, 'My name is Sevanna, Any volunteers?' she asked with an over theatrical wave of her hand and a sickeningly wide grin. Sevanna had more than one talent, she wasn't really a freak, she couldn't take her ears off, bite through steel bars and she didn't have scales. The only thing she had was 'talent.' She had prepared three things to do during her act. A few hands shot up for volunteers and Sev picked out a woman in the second row.
The woman stepped up on stage, 'Complete silence from the audience please' the performer began then looked to the woman, they were facing each, 'I'm going to put you in a hypnotic trance, don't panic, i can take you out of it easily enough and no harm will come to you,' the woman nodded slowly and Sevanna started twisting her fingers and turning her hand. The woman's pupils shrunk into pinprick dots of black and her arms dropped limply at her side. 'Now' Sevanna turned to face her audience, 'this women will move as i tell her to'

Darren watched on as people from the audience called out requests of what they wanted the hypnotized lady to do. She acted like a chicken and other animals, she had a convocation with herself and ate imaginary food. It was actually quite funny. Sevanna snapped the woman out of her trance, thanked her and made the audience clap her as she went back to her seat. Next the hooded assistants brought out varied sizes of weights and daggers on a trolley and placed them on the other side of the stage. The girl asked for volunteers again and two big men stepped up to the stage. She challenged them to try and lift the weight, of course, they failed. The weights were easily heavier than each of them combined. The girl asked them back to their seats and thanked them. From then on she didn't say anything, she clicked her fingers and all the weights lifted in the air as if they were light as a feather, she clicked her fingers again and they gently floated back down. The girl turned and faced the audience, she carefully scanned them then clicked her fingers once more. Darren felt himself being lifted from his seat, he looked down and saw the rest of the people in the theatre shrinking. Sevanna was levitating him! 'Don't panic' she said when he was far above their heads and she lowered him back to his seat, 'Telekinesis' she explained. After this she levitated each dagger and made them throw themselves at a wooden target, she done this 5 times but the sixth dagger went stray, it span around in the air before plunging itself into Sevanna's bare shoulder. It sunk into her flesh till all that was visible was it's bejeweled handle. She gasped in pain and stared down, shocked at the knife protruding from her body. The girl fastened her hand around the handle and pulled it fiercely, thick blood oozed from the wound. She closed her eyes and Darren saw the ripped bits of flesh slowly join back together till all that was left of the gash was a thin scar. Everyone clapped as Sevanna walked offstage.

'See now that wasn't so bad was it'
'Shut it' Sevanna joked with Crepsley when she walked back through the curtains.

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