Spirit of the Cirque (Cirque du Freak/OC ~read intro~)

Guys this story is based on the book and movie of Cirque Du Freak , more the movie but only based, i've twisted some of the things (only slightly, dont freak, and some characters might not exact e.i saying uncharacteristic thing etc) so it makes more sense so don't hate, if you have and tips/pointers or ideas send me a message or comment. Much love. Please give me some feedback and most of all...........enjoy :)

Chapter 2

The allure of Madam Octa

The spider was beautiful. The most magnificent creature he'd ever seen. Darren had to have her. After seeing Mr Crepsley's act and seeing Madam Octa perform, Darren Shan had fallen in love and had to at least see spider up close.

After the show, Darren snuck backstage and into Mr Crepsley's 'dressing room.' He saw a small box covered by a thin velvet sheet of red. He snuck over and lifted a corner. Madam Octa sat inside a gold cage, all her eyes fixed on the intruder. 'Dad?!' a voice echoed down the corridor and before Darren could find a place to hide Sevanna, the hypnotizer from the show, came bursting though the door. She looked at Darren. Darren looked at her. Then she pounced on Darren, forcing his back against the wall. She forcefully shoved her forearm under his chin , pressing down on his windpipe. The boy decided she was a lot stronger than she looked and felt himself going red in the face. Sevanna lessened the force on Darren's throat but otherwise didn't move. 'What are you doing down here' she hissed. Her breath was sickeningly sweet and Darren felt his head spin. 'Tell me!' she said louder this time and shoved him again.
'Hey Sev your daddy wants to know if you're-huh?' A boy stood in the door way, Darren recognized him from the show.
'Damn it Evra!' Sevanna took her eyes off Darren for the first time, 'I was trying to be threatening.'
~That's right~ Darren thought ~He's the snake boy from the show~
'You better scram before my dad gets back, stupid bag of blood'

The two freaks left Darren alone. He was about to leave, he looked back at Octa's cage. He had to have her. He had picked the spider's cage up when he heard more voices coming toward the room. This time however, Darren found a place to hide. Mr Crepsley came in and took a seat, his orange hair and red suit made his look quite clown like but still intimidating.
Some time passed and Darren wondered if he's ever be able to leave, then he saw something he never thought he would. Steve, the boy he had accompanied to the Cirque, his best friend, had just walked in!.
'I know who you are, i know what you are, Vur Horsten' Steve puffed out his chest but anyone could see he was afraid, 'You're a vampire' Darren didn't really believe or understand what was happening before him. Steve was asking the 'Vampire' to make him one to, he told Crepsley that he hated his life and he wanted to be a vampire like him. Darren felt sick to the stomach, his best friend wanted to be a vampire! Mr Crepsley then tasted Steve's blood. He swirled it around in his mouth before spitting it out in disgust, 'Eugh' he began, 'You have bad blood, it tastes of evil' Steve's face dropped then contorted into rage, 'You can never be a vampire'. Steve's anger was unbearable, he cursed Vur Horsten as he left and stormed out of the room. Darren lent back, unable to register all this just yet.

'I'm sorry, you are quite funny when you're mad though'
'Oh my god Evra give it a rest' Sevanna and Evra were helping pack away the Cirque's equipment and load the trailers.
'Ok i'm sorry' the pair continued to pack up when Sevanna was called to the costumes trailer.
'Hey Rebecca' she said when she entered. Rebecca was the monkey girl mainly in charge of costumes and clothes for the performers. Sevanna often got on with her and thought she was extremely talented.
'I made your new cape' she explained with a smile, 'I hope you like it' she handed to the Sevanna and she held it out. It was black with a lining of the most perfect purple and flutter lightly in the breeze of the car park.
'I love it' she replied.

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