Spirit of the Cirque (Cirque du Freak/OC ~read intro~)

Guys this story is based on the book and movie of Cirque Du Freak , more the movie but only based, i've twisted some of the things (only slightly, dont freak, and some characters might not exact e.i saying uncharacteristic thing etc) so it makes more sense so don't hate, if you have and tips/pointers or ideas send me a message or comment. Much love. Please give me some feedback and most of all...........enjoy :)

Chapter 3

To blood a child

'Sevanna please calm down'
'He's just a kid dad' the girl looked up at the older man in his red performing suit.
'And you are not?'
'NO, i'm over 100 years old, anyways this isn't about me, what do you need an assistant for'. Mr Crepsley looked down at the girl, her pale face full of hurt.
'This doesn't concern you Sevanna' the man then walked away without another word.
'That man is impossible'
'He can't be that bad' Rebecca replied to a heated Sevanna. Evra wasn't around (off doing chores most probably) so the girl went to find Rebecca. They sat in the costumes trailer and talked whilst the monkey-girl mended Mr Crepsley cape.
'He blooded this kid, Darren so something, to be his assistant. He had me to do that'.
'Yeah but, this boy can go out in the day right'
'So can i'
'only for a few hours at a time though, I bet Mr Crepsley will have him doing all sorts of horrible stuff, besides you work at the Cirque now, you don't want to be running after your dad all the time' Sevanna sighed with defeat at Rebecca's words, she was right.
'Thanks Rebecca, you're always right. I have to go pack up, i'll see you around' the girls said their goodbyes and the older left the trailer.
It had been a while since Mr Crepsley had blooded Darren Shan and Sevanna had forgotten about how mad she was. She'd been kept busy with the chores of the Cirque Du Freak as they set up at their rest ground.
'Um Sev' Evra began one day when he entered her tent, he sounded hesitant.
'Your dad's back, and he bought his friend'.

'Now you really have to be kidding me'
'Sevanna this is Darren' Mr Crepsley put a hand on the boys shoulder, 'He'll be staying with Evra' he boy looked very nervous so Sevanna backed off a bit.
'Like i care' she said before storming out of Mr Tall's tent.

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