Spirit of the Cirque (Cirque du Freak/OC ~read intro~)

Guys this story is based on the book and movie of Cirque Du Freak , more the movie but only based, i've twisted some of the things (only slightly, dont freak, and some characters might not exact e.i saying uncharacteristic thing etc) so it makes more sense so don't hate, if you have and tips/pointers or ideas send me a message or comment. Much love. Please give me some feedback and most of all...........enjoy :)

Chapter 4

Getting to know you

The door slammed behind Sevanna and Mr Crepsley looked down at Darren, 'Be nice to her, go and see her tomorrow, she doesn't bite....oh wait' Mr Crepsley chuckled at his own joke before leaving the boy with Mr Tall who showed him to Evra's tent.

Darren stepped inside the tent, it was simple but it beat sleeping outside on the ground. The figure of the sleeping snake-boy could be seen at the other end of the tent. Darren went to throw down the blankets to make a bed but he screamed out as he brought his foot down on something soft and hissing. Too afraid to look down, darren could see the stirring boy getting up, he swung his legs over the side of his hammock and rose. He walked forward sleepily before he set his yellow eyes on Darren, 'What are doing in here, who are you?'
'Oh', Darren realized Evra wouldn't have seen him at the show, 'I'm Darren shan, Mr Crepsley's new assistant, i'm going to be sharing tents with you'. Evra ran the words through his head.
'Ok' he seemed to lighten up, 'I'm Evra Von'
'Evra Von what?'
'Uh, just plain Von'. After the boys talked for a while they managed to get to sleep. Morning came around quickly and Darren remembered what Mr.Crepsley said, he spoke his mind to Evra.
'Crepsley said i should go and see Sevanna'
Evra looked suspiciously as Darren, 'Why?'
'I don't know he just said to be nice to her'
'Fine' Evra said quite bluntly, 'Her tent is the third one from Mr Crepsley's. Be careful, she bites'
Darren noted the second biting joke made about Sevanna, what was it about her, was she a vampire like Mr Crepsley?

Darren counted three tents away from his master's and walked up the the flap. There was no door to knock or bell to ring so he cleared his throat, 'Sevanna?' he called.
'Who is it?' came a bored voice.
'Uh Darren' he heard a groan and the flapped to the tent drawn apart. Sevanna squinted as if the dreary weather was too bright for her and puled the boy in. 'What do you want?' she asked impatiently.
'Well...it's just...Mr Crepsley said i should...come and see you...and...be nice'
'Oh sit down and shut up Darren'.

The tent was bigger than Evra's and decorated more lavishly. Red and purple drapes hung and interesting relics and ornaments were scattered around. Darren noted the lack of a coffin where the was a 4 poster bed and dismissed the idea of this girl being a vampire.
'So Darren' she began, she sounded a lot less frightening now and spoke normally, as if keeping up her loud hiss was getting boring, 'what do you want to talk about'. He hadn't expected this. He had thought the girl would slam her metaphorical door in this face.
'Um anything, how did you come to the Cirque?' it was a delicate topic and the boy expect Sevanna to change the subject but to his surprise, she answer.
'Mr Crepsley's my dad' she began, 'yes i'm a vampire' she continued when Darren opened his mouth, ' i used to live in London with my mother, until she got a stake through the heart. I tracked my dad to the Cirque and Mr Tall offered me a job for when my dad was away. Darren i'm only telling you this because believe it or not i want to get along with you, and maybe the best way for us to be 'friends' ' she grimaced a little at the word, 'would be to get to know eachother'.

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