Spirit of the Cirque (Cirque du Freak/OC ~read intro~)

Guys this story is based on the book and movie of Cirque Du Freak , more the movie but only based, i've twisted some of the things (only slightly, dont freak, and some characters might not exact e.i saying uncharacteristic thing etc) so it makes more sense so don't hate, if you have and tips/pointers or ideas send me a message or comment. Much love. Please give me some feedback and most of all...........enjoy :)

Chapter 7

Trailer Tailor

'Oh yeah that reminds me' Sevanna suddenly rose to her feet. 'I have to get dad's suit from Rebecca'
'Who's Rebecca?' Darren asked, rising to his feet too, happy to have his face a decent distance from the snakes fangs at last.
'She works at the costume trailer, you can come with if you like' Sevanna winked and gently dug her elbow in Darren's side, 'Are you coming Evra?' she asked.
'No' he looked sadly down at his snake, 'She's sick, i should stay'.

The girl and boy walked to the costume trailer, there was where the costumes of performers were mended and etc. 'so Darren' Sevanna began and startled him.
'How did you become a vampire?'
'Well Mr Crespley and i exchanged blood and then....' Sevanna stopped him.
'I know how, what i really mean i guess is why, what kind of stupidity was rushing through your mind'
'Well i kinda stole Madam Octa and she bit my friend Steve'
'Whoa, you stole from a vampire. You have more backbone than i thought Darren'
'Uh..thanks' He mumbled to the ground. 'Sevanna?' he said when he raised his head.
'Why are you awake?'
'Come again'
'Well it's lunchtime and you're walking around outside' the girl looked at Darren.
'Too much time spent with Vancha March, plus Evra's bedtime is 9' they both laughed though Darren didnt know who Vancha March was. Darren couldn't really see past all her make-up but Sevanna's eyes were reddening and they were glad when they reached the costumes trailer.

'Sevanna' Rebecca smiled when they entered,'and....'
'Darren' the boy gave her his name.

'Admit it Shan'
'What?' Darren and Sevanna had regrouped with Evra, the sun was setting now so Sevanna was able to sit out on the grassy plains beyond the camp with the boys.
'Darren's soft on Rebecca' She explained to Evra.
'Am not' Darren retorted defensively.
'Calm down milk-fangs it's nothing to be embarrassed about'
'Yeah Darren Rebecca's great' Evra reassured him before getting an angry sideward glare from Sevanna

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