Year In The Diary

Year In The Diary

Love had never seemed possible for me, until I dreamed of him. For Charlotte Amelia Huron, this holds true. Charlotte Huron, your average 16 year old girl seems to be losing herself in the obstacles of life until she receives a diary from her dying great aunt. This diary will become an important part of her next year, and little does she know, it will change her whole outlook on the topic of love.

Chapter 1

How It All Began

I watched as my great aunt, Helena was dying of a brain tumor. Monitors going off every second, never slowing down and never stopping. Tears trickled down my face as I watched my relative start dying right in front of me. I couldn't help it. My life revolves around my family.

Beep beep beep

I blinked looking up to see my aunt staring at me. She smiled faintly and raised her hand, pointing her index finger towards me. I tilted my head as I noticed some of my family members leaving.

My father placed his hand on my shoulder gently and whispered, "Be strong Charlie"

He then left as well, following my mother and three older brothers. I scooted my chair closer to my great aunt as she gently grabbed my hand and choked out the words she wanted to say

"Charlotte, dear I have something for you"

Tears started swelling in my eyes as I stuttered, "W...What is it?"

A faint smile seemed to sketch across her face as she gently reached to the bed side table with her free hand grabbing an item that was wrapped in loose green and gold paper. I curiously eyed the item as she placed it on my lap, her once alive, stormy grey eyes now seemed the color of burned out charcoal.

Her voice let out a weak sound as she spoke to my confused face, "Open it"

I gave a nod of understanding before my nimble fingers began unwrapping the delicate emerald and gold paper. I blinked as the wrapping paper fell to the ground and in my hands was a swirled cloth diary with shades of blues and greens intertwined with each other. I looked befuddled as my aunt's face seemed to lighten

"It's a diary Charlotte, for whenever you need to escape reality or to release any sort of emotions if you don't want to talk about it with someone personally"

I looked deep into her grey eyes speechless. I finally found the words to say even though it didn't express how wonderful this gift has made me feel.

"It's perfect Aunt Helena"

Her eyes started to become darker as her smile seemed to grow broader and the monitors started to beep rapidly.

"I'm glad you like it, and Charlotte? Always remember this.. I love you"

I blinked as everything around me seemed to slow down, doctors began racing in and out, cold but hot tears streamed down my rosie cheeks as my father pulled me out of the room.

And to think, I didn't even get to respond to my aunt's last words, all I had left of her was this diary.

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