life sucks!

ollo read meh story pweeeaaasesseee!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

the story begins....

by: Enderboy
hello my name is hitimatsu outarido i am a new student who attends watonashi high, but i have to live in the shadows because of a teriable secret that no one can know . the thing is ~.The alarm clock rang as i slaped it over and over to turn it off.i mumbled"turn off u stupid thing..."i finally hit it in the right spot and sat up in my golden brown hair was in a halo of fizz around my head.i listen and wished to hear someone call me down for breakfast ,but as every mourning no one answered.First of all my parents are dead and i have no siblings so now i am forced to live alone at the young age of 15.i got out of bed and got changed into my school uniform.As i tied my tie around my neck i felt as if something seemed ..abnormal.I forgot about it and contined getting ready for school.once i was ready i started walking to school.when i was half way there some skater knocked right in to me! This boy came to my side and said"are u okay?i am so sorry it's all my falt.."I stoped him in mid word"please watch out next time..."i held the back of my spine and slowly picked my self off the ground and finally looked in to this boys eyes..then i though to my self..something feels fimilular about him...he helped me up and said"i am so sorry but i gotta go u know schools!"he hopped on his skate board and skated away.i watched after until he dissapeared.Finally i started walking to school again.the air had summer dew with in it .when i got to school i found my locker and put my stuff in it and i saw the boy again and he was comeing my way...

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