My Last Regrets (Please, Please, Please Read)

My only regret
Was not being there enough
Not acting like I cared enough
Never good enough
I love each and every one of you
Please try to understand
And Respect
My Last Regrets

Chapter 1

My Last Regrets

I'm leaving. There, I said it. I wanted to give shout outs to y'all before I do:

Jenni: Dude, I am going to miss you soooooo much. My Oreo buddy. Make sure Alex doesn't do anything stupid whilest I'm gone. I love you, and I care about you and that's why I have to go. Maybe I'll come back on someday (Someday being tomorrow?) Hugs you

Alex: I was really pissed at you, and truth to be told, I still am. But I'm still going to miss you a lot. And I can only hope you'll miss me too. Don't do anything stupid please. Hugs you

Deonne: If you look in your inbox, you'll find a message containing my email. I love you so much. Please, email me. I'll never forget you, my sister. My only sister. Hugs you too.

Beth: You thought you were a bad, mean person but you aren't. You're one of my best friends. Don't guilt trip yourself over this because it would have happened eventually. You always were one of my best friends. Just remember God placed us all on this Earth for a reason. hugs you.

Claire, Morgan and Isaiah: Y'all are awesome, and the best carpenters ever. Y'all did a superb job fixing up my heart. Isaiah, you're so much of a better cook than me. I left y'all too my email address. Never give up. group hug

Zoe: How could I ever forget my part time writer? You are a awesome writer, please believe in yourself. I love you. Hugs you

Decii: I know you aren't online anymore, but if you ever come back, I miss you. I love ya. hugs ya

Wil: Guy after my heart :) ChristianKid, huh? Through my down times, I always thought of you and your relationship with Jesus. It made mine with Him stronger. I'll always remember you. How could I ever forget someone so devoted to God? Promise me something. Don't ever let anyone's talking bad about Jesus put you down. Spread the word. hugs you

Everyone Else: Just because I don't mention you by name doesn't mean you don't have a reserved seat in my heart. I couldn't ever forget any of you. Ever. You are all so unique, from everywhere under the sun. I love all of y'all. I DECLARE A GROUP HUG

I might come back someday. Maybe tomorrow even if I can't wait. But I'm gonna try something new. I'm sorry I broke my promise to you Alex. Jenni, I'm sending you my email. Make sure Alex also has it please. I'll miss you all.


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