Love's Death (Owl on the Waves sequal)

Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Marissa Adams- Daughter of Poseidon; Huntress of Artemis
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
~ And Introducing~
Elizabeth Laurens- Daughter of Hebe

Chapter 12


I started to string my bow, the silver thread strong yet thin in my hands. Thalia sat on the edge of her bunk, muttering angrily and some pretty unflattering things towards Annalise and Chiron. I think she'd get over it. Tasia dropped into her bed, staring up at the ceiling with tired eyes. She never liked staying up late, it was the only thing she couldn't do. Beth had insisted on being brought to the cabin so she was sleeping on the bunk below me, sheets from the infirmary over the silk silver ones. Victoria was braiding her hair by the crescent shaped mirror, her hair sliding smoothly through her fingers. Virginia was putting her tracking gear into a deer skin pouch and grabbing an old leather bound diary before leaping into her bed and snuggling into the sheets. She opened the diary, like every night, and started to read. It was such a relic it belonged in a museum. You see, she was ''the'' Virginia Dare, the first child born in America. That diary was hers way back in the late 1500's. When she and the rest of the colony mysteriously disappeared, her grandfather John White, found the half used book and kept it for his own, recording his travels and searches for his family. Virginia found comfort reading it though she herself didn't know what happened. She says one minute she was cleaning out the dwelling she and her family shared and the next she was talking with Artemis. Artemis had left the word Croatoan on the tree for John White to find because it was a signal word for the demigods then. John was a demigod, obviously, and he knew it meant that someone was still alive. It's what made him look ceaselessly. When I met her I knew that Annalise would be fascinated with her story because I was interested as well. Beside her, Kylie and Diane were arguing tiredly from the top and bottom of the same bunk set about the different healing properties some tree spirits possessed. Apparently Kylie thought Oaks were the best but Diane insisted that Birches were higher up. I didn't care either way. As long as I was all fixed up, I didn't care.
"Okay, get some sleep," Thalia commanded. "In the morning, me and the Hunters not on the quest will head back to base camp and start making tracking and watch groups."
''"Luna de More,"'' we muttered, a traditional phrase we say before we separate or go to sleep.
I hung my bow on the bed frame and slid into the covers as Thalia repeated the phrase, signalling for Kylie to turn off the lights. I sighed, tempted to go to Cabin 3, but it really wouldn't be the same anymore. It was almost as dad cut me off because I chose to be immortal. Ug, I bet he never would have cut of Percy...but that's water under the bridge. See what I did there? Ah, never mind. I relaxed, gripping the pendent on my necklace tightly as I stared up at the sky. It was like the clinic ceiling but only worked at night. Once the sun set, the ceiling became transparent and we saw the stars and the moon when we looked up as we would in the mountain ranges. I tried connecting the stars to make constellations but truth be told, I only knew a few that Diane taught me. The Huntress trekking across the sky, Draco the dragon who was actually named Ladon and of course Pieces, my horoscope constellation. Two fish. How appropriate. I think someone told me my brother's was in August. A Leo, he was. That was a fire element, which made absolutely no sense. Anyways, I was soon fast asleep. Not a comfortable sleep, mind you. As soon as I got settled, I was slammed by various colors and shifting images like smoke. Laughter and screams echoed in my mind. It was slowly seeping into my senses, the words were muffled like they were under water. I saw old time clothes and heard the crack of muskets. Then a girl with cherry red lips and crustal blue eyes beckoned for three men in Spanish conquistador clothing with a deceptive smile, warning them yet tempting them at the same time.
"It will be difficult, heroes."
"We have handled worse," the first and the leader said.
"Oh, I'm sure you have," she said with a sneer.
It flashed again and showed the same girl but with different clothes, more revolutionary war type dress. She was mad. The two that stood before her were wearing tattered uniforms and sullen expressions.
"You have come uninvited. For that you will be punished."
They closed their eyes and cried out in unison. When they opened their eyes, they glowed purple and the irises were pure white. It shifted again, this time going way back in time. The girl was tromping through the woods instead of in the enclosed cave she was in the past few times. She pushed branches back and gasped, screaming in terror at something just beyond my vision. Then there where more explorers, throwing objects towards monsters and into pits by slightly worn paths in the grass. The girl's voice never changed, never aged butg you could tell it aged as it repeated the sentences. "You weren't invited here." "You would be facing terrible trials." "Pray to a god of your choice."
There was an explosion and a man's yell of surprised pain shook me out of sleep with a gasp. The ceiling was opaque again, the cabin empty and quiet. I stretched out, touching the string of my bow on the bed frame. I froze.
No one was in the cabin. Did they leave without me? How could they? I didn't do anything wrong, not this time. I would have thought at least Beth would have gotten me and she's paralyzed! I jumped down, the room spinning from me getting up too fast.
"Whoa," I muttered, stumbling to the door after grabbing my bow. It shrank into nothing. It comes back when I need it. I reached out to grab the handle when it turned and the door opened in wards. I jumped back as Tasia and Diane walked in, startled by my presence right there.
'Good, you're up," Tasia said, taking my arm. "The prophecy has been issued."
"Really?" I yawned,blinking against the bright light. "Whoa...what time is it?"
"One in the afternoon," Diane said briskly, steering me towards the Big House. "You slept through breakfast and lunch."
"Didn't peg you as someone who wouldn't handle late nights," Tasia said, starting to jog.
"I...I can...what's going on?"
"You sure do look disoriented," Diane sighed.
"You would too if you were still half asleep."
People jogged past me, yelling and laughing in the afternoon heat. Some Hermes boys ran past us with water balloons and water guns, evil grins on their faces as the pegged some Aphrodite and Ares kids from a distance. That issued a small water war that I seriously was dying to join in on. Saytrs scampered in and out of range, shaking their furry hindquarters and spraying us with cold water.
"Annoying," Tasia grumbled, marching up ahead.
"What's up with her?" I asked.
"Who knows?" Diane shrugged. "Cranky Russians."
"She's Russian?"
"Can you not hear her accent?"
I nodded, feeling stupid. Of course. I never actually paid attention to it...weird. As we stomped up the steps, the screen door swung open and Annalise bounded down, blonde curls glinting in the bright sun. She passes us with a sympathetic smile.
"This one's an interesting one...good luck."
"Luck has nothing to do with it," Diane said proudly. "We'll survive it...well, they will."
"Good to know," Annalise said cooly, nodding politely before walking briskly away.
I pushed tiredly through the door and plopped down next to Thalia.
"So we leave tomorrow morning, right?" a girl asked in the corner. "I mean, it would make sense to go now because Florida's all the way down the coast and the stuffs we have to get and-"
"Elizabeth," Logan said. "Shut up."
"What is she talking about?" Tasia asked.
"The prophecy," Cal said cautiously yet authoritatively. He avoided looking me in the eye, which was pretty wise of him. He recited it word for word, Chiron nodding in the corner. Well, I had to say. You could sense the funeral directors arriving. So many freaking possible chances to get smushed, smashed, and crushed. Very painfully. I know just as well as the next Hunter that we can die despite our immortal title. Diane was more cocky than the rest if us, including Sarah. Actually, Sarah never got out much unless she was getting food or running to get to the nearest internet source.
"So the plan of action is picking one last person tonight and head out tomorrow," Chiron told us. "After reviewing the prophecy, we gathered that the fountain is in Florida. Try to stay on your toes, there are lots of traps."
Traps. Pits. The images of the previous questers I cleared my throat and everyone swiveled to face me.
"I uh, I think that there are items we need to collect in order to pass the traps."
"How would you know this?" Logan asked with a slight sneer.
"Same way you do," I said. "Aside from that, people will die. I think it will be during the traps since the visions I had shows the injuries during then."
"Well what kind of items?" Cal asked.
"Ones of historical value, anything priceless and ageless," Elizabeth said with a distracted look.
"She is correct," Tasia said. "I too have these visions...certain places in this country along the east will be on our path. There we will snag some of the display objects and-"
"Steal? We're going to steal from museums?" Sarah snorted. "Oh that's rich."
"So Hunter is admitting she can't excel in espionage?" Logan mimicked her snort. "''That's'' rich."
"Hey now," Thalia warned.
"He's right," Cal said. "Can she do it?"
"Of course she can," Diane and Thalia snapped. Iris just shook her head in disgust. I sighed, shaking my head slowly. This was going to be fun.

"No one wants to go on the quest?"
The mess was silent, not even the nymphs daring to talk. Rachel stood up, glaring at Chiron. Mr. D just sat there, picking at the grapes on his plates. He couldn't care less, obviously. No surprise.
"They won't speak up because one, they are terrified. This is like...the mother load so far. Second," Rachel started pacing around, everyone's faces getting nervous and anxious, worried she would stop at them. "No one present is supposed to go. I can feel that much."
At once, everyone sighed in relief and started talking. The Hunters and I started to scan the area, looking for the missing people. A couple Ares kids, some Demeter, a handful of Athena as usual, and the guy from Dionysis. Logan met my eyes from across the way and we nodded slightly, thinking that hey, coincidence, Anna wasn't there. But she refused and getting her to do something she doesn't want to do is harder than getting Tasia to talk about her past. Yeah, she's that stubborn.
"But is it crucial that all eight are there?" Chiron asked worridly.
Rachel was looking off towards the library. She blinked and stared at Chiron. "No, I suppose not."
Cal stood up. "Are you sure? I really don't...I don't want anything to go wrong."
"Oh, like a girl getting paralyzed?" Thalia sneered.
"Thalia," Chiron and Rachel warned.
"Oh, she's right," Diane huffed. "What else could go wrong other than that? Maybe that's why no one wants to go on this quest."
"Hey, shut your mouth, goddess girl," one of Cal's brothers snapped.
"Yeah, shut up!" echoed tthree of his sisters, standing up with glares.
"Like we'll do anything an airhead goddess' kid says," Sarah shot back.
"You are asking for it," an Ares boy shouted, holding a banana like it was the most dangerous weapon out there.
I glared at him. "Sit back down before I maim you."
That only made the rest of his siblings stand up, shouting and protesting. The Hermes table also started to join in the fight, still drenched from the water war they had earlier. The Athena table turned on themselves, half agreeing with the Hunters and the other siding with the camp.
"Heroes, settle!" Chiron yelled above the fighting but no one payed any attention.
A Demeter girl shoved my shoulder and I turned on her with my knife out. She was flanked by two Apollo kids and I was flanked by Tasia and Sarah.
"Back off," I hissed.
"You first!" she shot back.
Thalia and Victoria were all up in some Hephaestus kid's faces, fists curled and faces angry. Virginia and Diane already were going at the four Hebe kids, the only one not to angry about it was Elizabeth, smiling nervously. Logan was beside Cal, shouting at the part of the Athena cabin who supported us. As I pushed back some more campers, I caught them looking down into the valley and I followed their train of vision. A girl was watching with a curious expression, staring at the fighting with a piercing gaze. Then another figure, a girl with blonde hair, bounded up to her and appeared to be talking furiously. Annalise? What was she doing? Who was the other girl?

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