Love's Death (Owl on the Waves sequal)

Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Marissa Adams- Daughter of Poseidon; Huntress of Artemis
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
~ And Introducing~
Elizabeth Laurens- Daughter of Hebe

Chapter 14


"Can I borrow this jacket?"
I looked up to see Annalise holding my old football hoodie. "Ya, sure."
She slipped it over her head and sneezed. "God, did you wash this in body spray?"
I grabbed a pair of jeans from the chair with a smirk. "You wanted the jacket."
She shook her head, putting some of my clothes in a nylon back pack Chiron left at the door. The cabin was really cold, it usually was. I got used to it after awhile and my body temperature ran high most the time. Annalise obviously wasn't, her legs with goosebumps and her breath white in the sun light. The only other times she came was after walking in the heat of New York.
"You want to borrow some pants?" I asked with a grin.
She looked at me with a ''getting real tired of your crap'' expression. "You love saying stuff like that, don't you?"
"Ya, I kinda do."
I pulled off my pajama pants and snapped, forgetting to grab the can of Axe from my bathroom. I started to walk over when Annalise gasped, throwing a belt at my back.
"Ow!" I yelled, turning around. "What was that for?"
She looked at the window pointedly. "Put on your pants!"
"I'm wearing boxers, it's not like my junk's hanging out."
"Logan, from what you are thinking, it might as well be."
"Well stop reading my mind."
"I'm not."
I turned around and rushed into the bathroom, yelling, "Get my pants!"
"Will you keep them on?"
I hit behind the door, peeking my head out. She was smiling, hands in the jacket pockets. She reached over and tossed me the jeans. I quickly jumped into them and strolled back out, grabbing a shirt from the pile of clothes I left on the cot.
"Sometimes I wonder why you complain about my perverted-ness," I said with a laugh.
"Well, it's because it's rubbing off on me."
"Well my sweet, sweet loser," she sighed, strolling over and kissing me on the forehead. "I better go. Won't be seeing you all off, but I'll be here when you get back. Kay?"
I held her hand. "Alright, just go running off with some guy or get kidnapped by a monster."
She started to walk to the door. "No promises."
I shook my head. "What am I going to do with you?"
"Nothing. Oh, and zip up your pants."

I looked back at Half Blood hill disappearing into the distance from the back of the van. So. She wasn't coming. Can't say I'm surprised, she's so stubborn and hard headed when she wants to be. I turned back around and yawned, cracking my neck. Cal and Marissa sat up front, arguing about which road to take. Tasia, Iris and Sarah sat in the middle silently, sharpening knives or stringing bows. It was kind of scary, really. Elizabeth and I shared the back seat, leaning against eachother's backs and staring out the windows.
"Where to first?" Tasia asked, bored.
"I don't know," Cal said.
"You don't know?" Iris repeated, voice dangerous. "How could you not know?"
"I'll know when we get there," Cal snapped.
"What if we miss where we are supposed to go and forget a prize and fail that trap?" Sarah demanded, tugging at his head rest. "What then, glorious leader?"
"I will push you in the trap myself," Cal muttered.
"Cal, Sarah," Marissa warned. "Calm down."
"Oh whatever," Sarah snapped. "Are you siding with the mortal boy again?"
"No, I'm-"
"That could be a strike against you as a Hunter, you know that right?" Iris asked.
"Yeah, plus you were up pretty late last night "talking" with him," Sarah said obnoxiously. "I guess being at camp messes with you head, right Logan? Maybe we should ask Annalise-"
"Wait, she's too chicken so she's not here," Iris sneered. "I'll bet she really was telling the truth about not having visions and faked her episode and showed up all. The. Time. To get attention."
"I thought we were talking about Marissa's ''fling'' with Cal here."
"Well shouldn't we discuss the dangers loser posses?"
"Enough!" I shouted, Marissa echoing just slightly behind. We locked eyes then glared at the different girls in the middle.
"Why do you insist on bashing my girlfriend right in front of me?" I demanded, hands curled in fists.
"Oh yeah, you two are together," Iris snapped her fingers. "Should have remembered that since she was in your bed this morning."
"Not your fault you were born stupid," I fired back.
"Good one," she nodded, seething behind her facade.
"-and it's none of your business!" Marissa yelled at Sarah, in the middle of her own argument.
"I'm pretty sure it is when it's the Hunter's oath to stay clear as possible from the male species and it would be my duty to report a breach in the system!"
"For the last goddess damn.ed time," Marissa shouted. "I have nothing going on with Cal!"
"She's right and-"
"Shut up!" both yelled at the poor guy.
"Something someone else really should do," Iris muttered.
"Hey!" I protested. "You started this whole thing!"
"What, I can't question some tramp's worthiness?"
I grabbed my sword from the back holder. "You take that back! You don't know anything!"
"I know far more than you and the brat back home, I'll tell you that!"
"Oh really? What exactly do you know? What have you done to help this quest?"
Tasia was just sitting there watching for half the time with a curiously blank expression when suddenly she shouted, "SHUT UP!"
The car went silent. Cal's grip on the wheel was deathly, my sword was drawing a storm overhead, Marissa was desperately trying to stay calm.
Tasia smoothed her jacket. "Thank you. Now could we not just stop shouting for a moment and just...what's the word..relax?"
I leaned back into the seat, glancing at Elizabeth who had been silent the whole time.
She leaned over and whispered, "Is it usually like this?"
"Well...usually it's near the end."
"Oh. Then it's going to get worse, huh?"
I yawned. "With this group, no doubt."
We started to mellow out, Sarah and Tasia dozing off right away. It left Marissa still arguing softly with Cal and Elizabeth trying to stay awake next to me, tapping the seat and preventing me from sleeping too. We crossed over the New York-Jersey boarder when she finally fell asleep. I dozed off next, my neck in the most uncomfortable position, like I was on a plane or something. Good thing was I didn't have any dreams. Most of the information immortal girls gave me wasn't really beneficial to me so I didn't want anything from Aurora. The drone of the engine and the rocking of the car made it easy to get motion sick so I had to keep my head on the cool glass and the air conditioning vent on my face. It was maybe an hour and a half into Jersey when Cal slammed on the brakes, causing us to fall hard into the seats because we weren't wearing seat belts. Oh yeah. Sue us.
"What the heck, Cal?"
I glanced out the window to see everyone and their mother leaning out the windows and opening doors to peer at the sky. I searched the cloudy blue to find nothing, not even a bird of weird proportions. I sat back down and rubbed my eyes.
"What are they even looking at?"
"Probably some rogue flock of pegusi or a god's chariot," Iris yawned. "Happens all the time."
"Can we get going soon?" Sarah whined. ", I'm hungry."
"Whatever," Marissa muttered, scratching her head.
"If we scared them a bit, would they peel out?" Tasia asked.
"Marissa," Cal said. "Do your thing."
"But not too much, destruction queen," I warned.
"Gladly," she said with a smile, closing her eyes.
A few moments later, the road started rumbling and the windows started vibrating. From the look on everyone's faces, that did the trick. They screamed and all that, scrambling to get in their cars. As they frantically sped down the interstate, we drove at a pleasurably slow pace as Marissa calmed the earth again. Elizabeth climbed back into her seat as I stretched out, smushing her against the window.
"Logan," she squeaked. "Get your football toned body off of me. NOW."
I relaxed back to my side and stared out the window. We drove past cars parked on the side of the road, the drivers talking and hiding in fear. I chuckled, scrunching back in the seat to sleep again. It took a few minutes, but everyone quieted down enough to lull me to sleep. It doesn't take much for me, that's probably why I get in trouble a lot in math class. I was just about to go into some sort of dream or vision, I could tell, when subconsciously I heard Cal mutter, "Shlt," and we slammed to a stop yet again. My hands flew out and caught myself before head butting Hunters in front of me.
"What now?" Elizabeth shouted angrily, voice slurred with sleep. "I was having a good dream and you woke. Me. UP!"
"Well seeing we almost ran into that purple Mustang, I'd say that was the least of our worries," Tasia said.
"I'd be careful about that," Cal said with a laugh. "She's vulgar."
"You?" we all said at once, staring at Elizabeth's ten year old looking face.
She shrugged. "Yeah? Why so surprising?"
"Nothing, it's nothing," we muttered, trying to get our minds around this chick saying anything worse than gosh dang it.
"But what's wrong?" Iris asked, leaning forward.
Maybe ten cars up, two huge birds fluttered up to the sky, screeching and screaming. Not birds, harpies.
"What are harpies doing here?" Marissa asked.
"They hate Jersey highways," Cal agreed, looking over the wheel.
They dove again, greasy feathers flying and shaking loose. Right away, they were shooed back up, caws of protest so loud I could here them from the van.
"They seem to be chasing something," I said.
"Take me back, you overgrown vultures!"
We looked at each other then back at the road.
"Something with a temper," Iris said wryly.
The harpies fluttered around, screaming and yelling at the person they were chasing. They were chased up again, this time a figure jumping onto the hood of a Chevy truck with a bronze sword glinting in the light. She ran across the truck and jumped into the bed, swinging at them and threatening them. They dove forward and each one grabbed her arms by their talons, flapping their winds in choppy patterns to get into the sky. They had pained expressions as the girl writhed in their grasp, slashing at them with her sword. Wait...
"Did she just say groundhog spit or did I get that wrong?" I asked.
"You got that wrong," all the Hunters in the van said while Elizabeth just shrugged, pressing her nose to the window.
The harpies carried her so that she hovered two lanes over. We heard her gasp and a loud clank, metal on metal. Her sword must have fallen on the roof of a car.
"What's going on?"
"Kid! Get away from those things!"
People started shouting and it startled the harpies. They freaked, started to cry out and dropped her on top of the blue Volvo with a sickening crunch, flying away with strangled bits of sentences.
"Fun fun with prophecy!"
"Scared brave girl!"
"-death and fun!"
"You will-"
They faded off and we all stayed completely still, not daring to breathe too hard. We stared at the road ahead and barely blinked. I didn't know what was going to happen. Would she go back to camp somehow? Catch a ride with someone? I started to reach for my bag when the door to the van slammed open, light and head flooding in. Annalise clambered in, blood dripping from the gouges in her arms. She was furious. She slammed the door shut with such force that the van shook for a few seconds. She sat next to me and threw a wadded up ball of material at me.
"There's your jacket."
We stared at her as she started ripping the hem of her shirt to soak up her blood, face pale. She looked up, eyes stormy blue.
"Well? We going on this quest or what?"

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