Love's Death (Owl on the Waves sequal)

Cal Woods- Son of Aphrodite
Marissa Adams- Daughter of Poseidon; Huntress of Artemis
Annalise Erikson- Daughter of Athena
Logan Johnston- Son of Zeus
~ And Introducing~
Elizabeth Laurens- Daughter of Hebe

Chapter 2


I am trying to make a fire without matches, and failing terribly. Everytime I get frustrated I soak the area where we are supposed to have a fire at, making my chances of flame even slimmer. And I got frustrated a lot.

"Here," Tasia says laughing, "let me do it." Tasia is a seventeen year old girl with a michivious smile and bright eyes, yet a under coating of sadness lingers. Also when I say she is seventeen I mean she was seventeen for a long time. She would be seventeen forever. I would be fifteen.

"No," I mumble, wanting to do it myself but knowing that if I continued we would never have fire. Why I refused to use matches...don't ask me, I don't know.

Tasia smiles knowingly and comes closer to where the fire should have been. Almost effortlessly she makes a fire. I couldn't have done better even with matches.

"Its cold in the mountains," Beth whines as she comes over. I smile and make room for her to sit.

"Yeah but it won't hurt you, remember? Immortal?" I ask.

"But it's still cold!," Beth exclaims. Immediately Tasia starts laughing. "When I was human, in Russia, this would have been like a 200 degree summer to people here!"

"When were you human?," Beth asks. "And why did you become a Hunter?" Tasia's face darkens and can relate to what I see. Sweet, innocent, eleven year old Beth, could not see this. But maybe becoming a Hunter was the only choice for Tasia, just like me.

"It's complicated," she whispers. I can tell Beth is about to push but thankfully for either Tasia or Beth, I am not sure who, Thalia appears.

She looks worried though, and hurt. Despite our....genetic differences, we were pretty good friends. Thalia's half brother though, we got along in a somewhat civil fashion but we would never be best buds.

"Thalia you're hurt!," I exclaim rushing towards her with nectar. When I reach her I find that her skin was charged with electricity. More than usual too, while Thalia always has electricty on the surface of her body, it increased by a lot when she was upset, or fighting something. And whatever it was it was big and even more dangerous than usual.

We pour the nectar on her wounds and in between uncomphensible screams I can make out the word "mutation". But that's impossible...monsters can't mutate, right?

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