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Hope is a ray that keeps people believing, without hope, chaos is released.

Chapter 1

Keepers of Hope

The world is starting to crumble into millions of little pieces. 6 (At least 1 boy) teenagers who have a special "gift" or talent seem to find themselves in the midst of it. Together these 6 teenagers are part of a legacy known as the Keepers of Hope. Their anscestors a thousand years ago were part of this and now here they are. They must overcome their fears and the evil that is escaping the earth's core in order to save the world and keep hope alive for those who need it.

Character Info Needed:

Nickname: "Optional"
Love Interest: "Again Optional"


Name: Norelle Chasity Jones
Nickname: Elle
Gender: Female
Age: 15 turning 16
Appearance: Golden brown wavy hair that's always in a braid, light hazel eyes, fair skin, 5'6, slender/average weight, wears a lot of bright or pastel colors for clothing
Personality: Optimistic, Friendly, Kind, Caring, Humble, Stubborn, Anxious, Quiet, Timid,Logical
Gift/Talent: Able To Control Light
Family: Her family has always been able to manipulate elements, but her great great great great aunt controlled light like her and was the first keeper of light.
Background: Was born into the family of elements, she was light like her great great great great aunt. She has 2 older brothers who are fire and water. Then one younger sister who is earth. She doesn't know how to control the light yet and is very incosistent with it since her ability controls her.
Love Interest: One of the guys or I'll make one up

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