I've got a contest for all you people!

Well, I haven't been on, and I was struck by a sudden inspiration for a contest! Yes! Enthusiasm is required! Actually, no, it's not... Let's all have a moment and be thankful for that.

Chapter 1

Oh, chapter titles. You're just like that robot in Iron Man that was completely useless. Ahem, no offense.

by: Northe
coughs into hands


looks up

Oh, right! I'm supposed to say my idea for the contest. Forgive me.

Alright, this probably won't get a lot of views, but whatever. The idea is a writing contest, and I'm not exactly sure if this idea has been done before, but once again, whatever.

The rules are basic: The idea for the story is to be based around a song of your choice. I do not want a full story, just a short story, or a scene/event from a book. It has to be original, no copying of other novels is allowed (that rule should be obvious).

The rules for the song: The song has to have lyrics, and it has to be longer than 1:30, unless you send me a special request of a potentially good song, and I'll probably allow it. The scene or short story HAS to be inspired/based around the song. Example: if you chose the song "This Is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars, you might write about a battle scene, a government decision affecting millions causing a revolt, etc.

Write out your story as if you would write out any other, give me the link in a message or on my profile and I will read it.

The story has to have good grammar, and spelling, as though you were writing like a professional. Stories with text speak will still be counted, but it will seriously hurt the chances of winning. Please, make an effort.

I will not play favorites. If you have been my friend for a long time, that will not be counted.

And now, I suppose you want the prizes.

First place: A short story written by me with you as the main character, or a cameo of you in a story that I'm writing, Lovely Reaper. Also, five stars on three quizzes/stories. Also, you get a surprise picture!

Second place: Five stars on three stories/quizzes, a surprise picture, and a lovely virtual cake.

Third place: Five stars on one story/quiz, a surprise picture, and a smexy picture (depending on your gender preference).

This is my first contest, and I hope some will enter! All entries will be due by 5/24/13.

Oh, hey, look! points at the sky then runs off into the distance, leaving the story


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