He Was not My Style

A werewolf story wid a little twist.

Chapter 1


"No,no,this can't be.There's no way he could be my...".I left the sentence hanging there right as he turn around and stared right into my eyes.I was captivated by those deep brown eyes behind those nerdy glasses.
He was staring at me intensely as if I would disappear,when he so much as blinked.I was trying hard to take my eyes off from his mesmerizing ones.He was cute even with those nerdy glasses.He was wearing a simple button up shirt with black pants.He had a huge stack of books that he was carrying wid him.

"Paris,what are you doing here?"out of nowhere,Chase my boyfriend asked me pulling me out of my staring.I looked once more at my staring.I looked once more at the nerd boy who was still there staring at me.

"Um...nothing.I was just getting to my class."

Chase looked where I was staring."Why are you looking at that nerd and why is he staring at you like your some kind of masterpiece to look at."He said possesively.
"Uhh...I don't know.Lets just get to our class."I said pulling him to our class.I can't let anyone know that guy is my ...uhh I can't even admit that to myself.

We got to our class.Soon,school was over wid me trying not to think about that certain boy ,that nerd.

I was walking out of the class when I saw him.He stopped right at that moment when he saw me.

"Can we talk?"I asked him,hoping no one sees us talking.

"Um...yeah"He said nervously.
I took his hand pulling him to the library trying my hard to ignore the tingles that was causing due to our touch.Checking once more that no one was there.We got to a corner side of the library.I looked at him and he had a blank expression on his face.

"You know we can't be,right?"I told him.
"I-I-I can try..."He shuttered.I looked at his face and almost felt bad for him.Almost.

Then,no matter how much it would hurt my wolf and his.I can't do this.
"We can't be.I'm sorry.We can't be."I told in my most calm voice.
Thats why I'm rejecting you.
"I,Paris Salvatore,wait what is your name?"I asked finally remembering I didn't knew his name.
"Noah Carter"
"Okay,I ,Paris SAlvatore,reject you Noah Carter as my mate."
His face was one of pure shock,and pain and hurt and then anger.

He was looking at me wid pure rage and he said one thing that I never thought he would.
"You will regret it."

Then he turned around and walked out of the library leaving me alone.I don't know why but I felt my heart broke.Why am I feeling like this.I'm the one who rejected him.

And then I fainted,one thing that I was not expecting.

SO,How's it???Trying a werewolf story eh?Cuz reading it is always fun.
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