Iridescence (An original group story)

This group story takes place in the future with an evil dictator who has a giant army with several strict and unfair rules but one is NO COLOR OR CREATIVITY! But the Kolor Kids think that enough is enough and decide to fight back with color everywhere, so while the dictator is hunting them down, troubles arise in the group like romances and betrayal, but they still create their mark on the world while they still can...enjoy!! :D

Chapter 1

Ze Characters :D

Name: Molly Richard
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Book: Main Book
Spot: Look Out
Personality: Intelligent, Quick, Sneaky, Curious, Kind, Loyal, Determined, Distant, Stubborn, Honest, Hyper At Times
Characteristics: Very Curly Red Hair Down To Her Mid-Back. Deep Emerald Green Eyes. Slender. Short (5' 7"). Underweight But Very Flexible. Light Skin.
Weapon: Various Sharp Throwing Daggers She Hides In Her Sleeves/Pants Pockets.
Family: Dad Is Alive, Mom Died In The Childbirth Of Her Younger Brother. Also Has One Older Brother.
Love Interest: A boy in the story :)
Fears: Losing Her Brothers And Her Dad
Other: She is sometimes dependent on her older brother, since she had no mother. She has a locket she wears around her neck with a picture of her young mother.

ame: Saria Korry
Age : 16
Gender: Female
Book : Main Book
Spot: Strategist
Personality: Comforting, is very observant, wise, almost always smiling, loyal, and brave.
Characteristics: Long red hair, sea green doe eyes, 5'7'', and fair skin.
Weapon: Paint gloves and paint bombs (very dangerous).
Family: An only child; her parents died during the war .
Love Interest: Open for any of the guys that sign up :)
Fears: Losing someone on the team.
Other: Is very passionate about the rebellion.

Name: Jeff Dunham
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Book: Main Story
Spot: Co-Spy
Personality: Badass, cracks jokes alot, can be really serious
Characteristics: Black spiky hair, tall, average wieght, brown eyes
Weapon: Paint gloves and a sniper rifle, as well as a butterfly knife
Family: Parents were killed by the dictator and he has sworn revenge on them
Fears: The inability to escape a situation
Other: Although he tries to be badass and cracks corny jokes, he's really a sweet guy

Name: Olive Omegadin
Age: 13
Gender: female
Book: Main
Spot: Co-Spys with Jeff
Personality: smiley, loyal, brave, stubborn, Witty, sneaky, adventurous, smart-ish, observant, knows a little about medical things
Characteristics: long blonde hair w/ natural high-lights, fair tan, hazel eyes, short, skinny
Weopon: (Paint gloves) short short and a broadd dagger ( that she always carries w/ her)
Family: Parents are dead, brother is fighting for the wrong side.
Love interest: waiting
Fears: claustriphobic, death
Other: Wants revenge and is extremely competative with all people.

Name: Kiari Popper
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Book (Prequel, sequel, or main book): Main Book
Spot (Medic, Strategist, Leader (me), Spy, Look-out,and Weapon guy): Leader
Personality: Smart, firey, adventurous, kind, curious, brave, loyal, caring, hopeful, and gentle.
Characteristics: Light dirty blonde hair always in a high ponytail, ocean blue eyes, tan skin, 5'11", and underweight that she's always on her toes, and they don't eat a lot.
Weapon: Paint gloves which they all have, paint gernades that explode paint, and a samurai sword but she usually doesn't use it.
Family: Her parents died in a war, and one of you guys could be her little sister, I don't mind if you don't want to but that spots free, you get the hang out with the rest of us.
Love Interest: None
Fears: Her little sister or the team getting harmed.
Other: Wears a gold star necklace which her mom gave to her several hours before they invaded their old house and killed their parents as her and her sister ran away.
Writing Order:
Me with Kiari
hollowoz with Molly
frostblossom with Saria
(CaptainCookiez quit the story so it's just us four)
epicsnicker with Olive
Note: To all my prequel and sequel people, I'm going to do both after this book. :)

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