Iridescence (An original group story)

This group story takes place in the future with an evil dictator who has a giant army with several strict and unfair rules but one is NO COLOR OR CREATIVITY! But the Kolor Kids think that enough is enough and decide to fight back with color everywhere, so while the dictator is hunting them down, troubles arise in the group like romances and betrayal, but they still create their mark on the world while they still can...enjoy!! :D

Chapter 2

Coloring the city

"Ready to go?" I turned my head and looked at my teammates who has became my only family besides Melanie who's back at the base.
"More than ever," Molly, my closet friend in the crew and look out smiled at me while the rest of the team nodded.
"Go!" I whispered as I jumped out of the sewer hole into an alley and began painting the posters with words like 'No Creativity!', 'Wanted: The Kolor Kids!', 'No color', and 'Listen to your upper class!' and colored with them with different color per finger like green, blue, yellow, hot pink, and crimson red that my old leader invented.
We ran out from the alley once it was so colorful you couldn't see the posters and ran down Tyler St. and colored the streets.
"It's the Kolor Kids!" A child yelled from the top floor of an apartment complex I was painting and I heard footsteps of people rushing to their windows and watching us. Laughter escaped Olive's lips, the youngest of our group as a little girl ran out of her building and she began drawing with crayons on posters that her parents probably hid as we decorated the streets with color.
"Come on, I think this street is colored enough!" I yelled as we ran to the next block as we finished decorating the street with color everywhere and the people stared in awe. We ran to the street and we began painting the streets when we heard shouts from the other street.
"Hide!" I hissed at the group and I climbed up to the top of a apartment window out of view as the others hid in bushes and windows like myself.
"Where did they go?" A soldier demanded from the other street we were at.
"I-I don't know," Someone quivered.
"Tell me now!" The soldier yelled.
"Like I said, I don't know!" A woman's voice, I know noticed, cried out.
"Tell me now or I'll put a bullet through that head of yours!" The soldier screamed.
My face paled and I saw Molly crawl up to the top of the building and she ran towards the nosies and I climbed to the top and I pulled out my samarai sword and I swung to the other side of the street gliding against a electric wire with my sword and I hurried to the street and watched as soldiers surrounded the street making sure none of the eye witnesses ran through to stop the interrigation and a woman with short cropped red hair was on her knees with her hands behind her head and a tall soldier had a gun pointed at her head.
The soldier wore the usual uniform like the rest, white long sleeved shirt, long white pants, black riding boots, black gloves, a black gun belt which held one gun and a gray mask that looked like a fencing mask that masked their face completely and hair (picture Peacekeepers in The Hunger Games).
"Please! I don't know anything, please let me live!" The woman cried.
"That's it!" The soldier yelled.
"Hey, moron look over here!" I yelled and all of them looked at me.
"Get her!" The soldier yelled noticing my hair up in a ponytail and my tattoo on my left ear with a rainbow heart which represented leader of the Kolor Kids.
"Don't forget about me!" Molly laughed and we split up as gunfire echoed the street and all of the eye witnesses and the woman ran into buildings and hid.
"Saria, go!" I ran over to the edge of the building and I heard a rustle of a bush and understood she was rounding up everyone else to the junkyard.
I ran across the building rooftops but not without giving it a little color to give them time as soldiers climbed up the rooftops to try and fail to catch me. As I continued running I heard a bird call which was our code that everyone is going through the sewers. As I began to slow down, I felt a grab on my ankle as I walked past a fire escape.
"Got you know!" A soldier snarled as I looked at him.
"Our tipper was right, you were here tonight, and this is just the beginning with your capture and soon the Kolor Kids will be gone forever!" The soldier laughed coldly.
"You'll never take us!" I screamed as I pulled my samurai sword out and stabbed his hand and he quickly let go screaming in agony as I ran to where the sewer entrance was where we had entered was out and I jumped down from the building and jumped into the sewers and closed the sewer latch as I heard footsteps echoing through the alley hunting me down and I began my short travel back to the base.
"Kiari!" Melanie screamed with joy as I got out of the sewer and she bear hugged me.
"I'm alright don't worry," I smiled at her as she cuddled against me.
I looked down at Melanie and smiled how unalike we are, she had mom's green eyes, and I had our dad's ocean blue, she had dad's brown hair and I had mom's dirty blonde hair, but we had the same slightly protruding nose and round face and no freckles dotted our face unlike our parents.
"What took you so long?" Saria asked me as I slowly got up and brushed dirt off of my black leggings that everyone else wore and a black tunic with different colored patches on them.
"I had a close call," I shrugged.
"There getting closer everytime, what's happening?" Jeff asked.
"I agree, I'm afraid soon we're going to get caught, so I want us to stay quiet for a while and we need to move our locations since I recently saw a trio of guards sniffing around close by here, too close, we'll start packing tomorrow morning, I think there's another place we can go too," I sighed.
"Finally! I'm tired of the smell of this place!" Jeff laughed.
"Where are we going?" Melanie asked.
"To the old abandoned train station," I smiled.
"I remember that place! Good memories," Molly grinned.
"Alright, gather your things and by at least 7 in the morning we should leave," I ordered.
"Yes mam!" Everyone yelled.
"Alright, meeting dismissed, see ya at the crack of dawn!" The group seperated to gather items and I headed to the top of the junkpile where I was at with a moldy matress and my other items were at.
I began to gather all my things in a small bag, and I put a small blanket I salvaged, and all of my supply that includes 2 pounds of water and 5 pounds of food in my backpack.
I put my bag next to my mattress and I laid down on my bed.
What did he mean by a tipper? How did he know? They only come by in the morning after we finished. Thoughts jumbled in my head as I laid down and prepared for bed.
"We'll be back, New York before you know it," I whispered as I soon fell asleep.
Alright! I hope you guys enjoyed that and please continue reading because it is know hollowoz turn!! :D

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